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The YCC IM View application was designed to let you see the Internet_Explorer_Server that displays text in the Messenger IM window.
The window that shows the IM conversation in a regular Messenger IM window is actually an instance of Internet Explorer.







YCC IM View Crack + Free Download [Latest-2022]

YCC IM View Download With Full Crack is based on Internet Explorer. YCC IM View only displays the screen output of internet explorer and generates EXE files for the user.
You don’t have to download and install Internet Explorer on the computer you want to use this software. This application isn’t a substitute for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
YCC IM View needs no installation and no hardware requirements.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP and later.
Internet Explorer 6 and later.

Free Download

Messenger IM View

Messenger IM View is a Messager IM application that let you view the screen output of a messenger window

YCC IM View is a Messenger IM application. It lets you view the chat window of a Messenger window. You can’t use this application as a replacement for Internet Explorer (ex. MSN messenger). You should use Messenger IM View with Internet Explorer.

Features of YCC IM View:

1.Messenger IM View is based on Internet Explorer.YCC IM View only displays the screen output of internet explorer.

2.You can preview your Messenger IM screen without any special hardware or software.YCC IM View uses the screen output of Internet Explorer, so you can preview the screen without having to install the whole application. No hardware or software is needed.

3.You can view the whole chat window. You don’t have to display each part of the chat window. You can display the entire chat window.

4.You can use this as a multilingual application.The chat window is displayed in 9 languages at one time.

5.You can use the control panel and the help menu.The control panel has all the functions that are supported by Internet Explorer.

6.The preview of the chat window is shown in the panel.Show the position of the cursor and the preview of the chat window in the panel.

Messenger IM View is based on Microsoft Messenger IM, not on MSN Messenger IM.

* Some of the Microsoft programs share a small part of their code with other Microsoft programs and browser.

* There are certain situations where Microsoft may update a program (or even parts of programs) to fix a problem, but may not update the version of the software that isn’t needed or isn’t being used. We can fix this by changing the version of the program (or part of the program) that is needed to fix the problem.

* When we move a program into the


YCC IM View is a great tool for you to help you see the Internet Explorer_Server


YCC_Manager is an application that allows you to manage your Messenger account, and add Internet Explorer_Servers as accounts.

It can be very useful if you have more than one Internet Explorer_Server on your computer, that displays different data and you want to manage all them with one account.

YCC_Manager Description:

YCC_Manager is a program that allows you to add, delete or delete all your Internet Explorer_Servers as accounts in the Messenger program.

With this program you will not only be able to manage all your Internet Explorer_Servers for Messenger but you will also be able to manage all your Messenger accounts.

YCC_Manager allows you to add or edit the different Internet Explorer_Servers as accounts. Then you will be able to manage all your Internet Explorer_Servers in a very simple, practical and user-friendly manner.

Currently YCC_Manager supports Internet Explorer 7 and 8 servers.


YCC_Viewer is a program designed to help you to check if Internet Explorer is properly running on your computer, so that it works and displays the text that it usually displays.

That way you will be able to see if your Internet Explorer_Server works properly.

The YCC Viewer allows you to close Internet Explorer if it’s not working, and you want to restart it.

It works similar to the “Restart Internet Explorer” dialog.

It’s very useful when you’re having an issue with your Internet Explorer_Server, and you would like to understand what the issue might be.

It also allows you to open a list of other Internet Explorer_Servers that are currently installed on your computer, and you are able to configure which of those servers you would like to make the active one.

You can specify that server with no problem at all.

You can also specify the server to open in your Internet Explorer_Browser.

There is also a keyboard shortcut that you can use to launch the YCC Viewer.

It’s very useful if you would like to check if your Internet Explorer_Servers are working correctly, or you would like to configure one of them to open at startup.

New IM Viewers

YCC IM View Crack+

YCC IM View is a Windows application that runs in the system tray and displays the text of the Internet Explorer_Server into a regular IM window from Internet Explorer. This allows you to see the IM text as it is being typed into the window. You can then copy the text into your computer’s clipboard as you desire.
Because the Internet Explorer_Server is actually an instance of Internet Explorer, YCC IM View can also emulate the IE window. This allows you to turn on the regular IE toolbar, for example, which provides many IE’s inherent features and capabilities that YCC IM View does not provide in its default form.
Support for all version of IE. The main reason for choosing this method of displaying the IM text into the normal windows is because it allows you to use the text selection of the IE window. A more preferable IM software is YCC_Messenger which also has this capability.
Support for entering URLs. YCC IM View makes this easy by allowing you to use the text box instead of the buttons from the toolbar.
Support for YCC_Messenger shortcuts (hotkeys).
Support for Transparent Mode. The transparent mode lets you see the IE window without covering up the text.
Support for the AutoCopy feature of YCC_Messenger.
Support for transferring text from the computer’s clipboard to the IM window.
Support for the “Send Buffer” feature of YCC_Messenger.
Support for paste from the IM window to your browser.
Support for using the preview toolbar of YCC_Messenger.
Support for typing into a MailMessage window instead of directly into the IM window.
Support for using Internet Explorer_Server from other programs (most preferably YCC_Messenger).
YCC IM View License:
YCC IM View is a Freeware application.
You can copy the information on this YCC IM View page into a file and share it with other people.
You can use this application in any way you want, but if you do, please give credit to the creator, Rhee Tae Won.
Version 1.00 (Build 1122) – 30 Oct 2002
YCC IM View Homepage:

Download YCC IM View

Filtering all IM chat traffic across your network is now much easier. Using Zcentral, you can define a collection of up to 50 nickname and email addresses or entire websites to filter. The

What’s New In?

YCC IM View (V 1.1) is a program that can control the monitor and display the web page (IM window) that is on ycc.
It allows you to choose from four different monitor settings.
1) Blank: changes your monitor to blank.
2) Off: shows the web page in all of your monitors.
3) On: Shows you the web page on the monitor you choose.
4) Manual: Allows you to choose from the monitors on your machine.

Web Messenger
Web Messenger Description:
What is Web Messenger? Web Messenger is a special version of the IE5 that has been configured in such a way that makes it emulate the ycc messenger client. When you send a message to ycc, it is sent from your machine to the ycc messenger server and back to your machine.

YCC Web Page
The YCC Web Page (V.0.0) was designed to allow you to have a web page like the one shown below on your ycc screen.

In order to see a web page, you have to configure your ycc Messenger to allow the ycc web page to load into your ycc screen.

The YCC Web Page lets you view most files on the web from the Desktop, Program Files, and Server.

Let us explain some of the features of the YCC Web Page.
1) If you click on a program, the program will be downloaded to your ycc screen.
2) If you go to an FTP site such as ftp.uu.net, you will have a ycc web page that will display the file structure of the ycc computers.
3) If you click on the links below, the browser will download the selected file.
4) If you click on the links, the files will be downloaded to the ycc screen.

Immediate Messenger
Immediate Messenger Description:
Immediate Messenger is a program that allows you to send instant messages to people on the internet.

Internet Explorer Screen Saver
Internet Explorer Screen Saver Description:
Internet Explorer Screen Saver is a free program to remind you when your machine goes to sleep.

The AmiMessenger was created to allow ycc’s to view their emails on their ycc machines.

Installing AmiMessenger
To install AmiMessenger,

System Requirements:

Sound Card:
Do not forget to have at least Windows XP installed.
Minimum:OS:Processor:Memory:Graphics:DirectX:Network:Sound Card:Other: