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VoiceChum application for Skype is a cool desktop assistant which makes Skype more fun to use and more effective.
VoiceChum is a perfect software to organize, take voicemails, record calls, set reminders and much more..
Here are some key features of “VoiceChum”:
■ Call Recording
■ Absent Call Recording
■ Cast-o-Blast
■ Consultations
■ Calendar
■ Reminders and Notifications
■ Podant
■ Cutomised Voicemail Greeting(per frn bases)
■ Customised Auto Text Reponse(per frn bases)
■ 30 day trial







VoiceChum Professional Free PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

VoiceChum is a powerful and reliable telephone assistant for Skype.
VoiceChum Features:
* Dial your friends or Voicemails at no cost.
* Send Text Messages for free.
* Control your PC with Cortana.
* Powerful features for Voicemail playback and scheduling.
* Record your calls free!
* Build your own telephonic panel.
* High definition and background music playing.
Note: Please go to if you need the manual.
VoiceChum Changelog:
This version is a maintenance release to resolve some small bugs in the 2.0.7 version.
Version 2.0.7 version is a maintenance release.
Version 1.0.1 has been released to resolve some small bugs and to add some missing features.
This is the first version of VoiceChum. The features are on Free Trial (30 days). It is the same as of version 1.0.0 but there are some bugs fixed in the release.
VoiceChum Features:
* Dial your friends or Voicemails for free!
* Record your calls and later listen back!
* Send and receive text messages, even for free!
* Consultations and calendar
* VoiceChum runs under Microsoft Windows!
* Create your own telephone buttons!
* Set reminders and notifications
* Play custom musical greetings
* Multiple user support
For the limits of VoiceChum, please visit:

Hello, I have recently used VPR or Microphone recorder on my Windows 10 and I find the following problems.
1. When using vpr to speak you need to double click on the VPR icon and and stop speaking before exit so that you do not end up with a faulty recording.
2. I cannot add a stop to a recording when speaking.
3. When using Microphone recorder to speak you do not have to have a microphone in front of you for the recording to work.

Hello, I have recently used VPR or Microphone recorder on my Windows 10 and I find the following problems.
1. When using vpr to speak you need to double click on the VPR icon and

VoiceChum Professional Crack

■ Built For Small Business
■ Phone Numbers: 690 Eighty-six
■ Integration of Salesforce
■ Email
■ Web Analytics
■ Web Chat
VoiceChum for Salesforce Description:
■ Built For Large Business
■ Contact Center
■ Toll Free Numbers
■ Email Integration
■ Web Chat
■ Contact Center
Skype for Salesforce Description:
■ Consume and provide sales and marketing services through your CRM systems
■ Record the new and old calls as well as missed calls
■ Provide automatic voicemail greeting
VoiceChum vs. Skype for Salesforce
VoiceChum vs. Skype for Salesforce
Most of the features in Voicemail, Call Tracking, Voicemail to web can be done by Skype for Salesforce but in real time. VoiceChum is also powerful voice recording solution, but it lacks many of the features that Skype for Salesforce has.
Skype for Salesforce also lacks the following features of Voicemail, Call Tracking, Voicemail to web,
Fully integrated support for CRM/Lead Management systems.
VoiceChum for Salesforce:
Many of the Voicemail features are not available in Voicemail Web interface.
Call recording with live notes taken.
Can set reminders, set-up greetings per contacts (with call back option) in Voicemail web interface.

5.0 and above
Mac OSX 10.8 and above
Win Vista Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9
VoiceChum vs Voice Chum and Skype for salesforce
Voice Chum and Voicemail to web are not available in Skype for salesforce. Voicemail to web are only available in Skype for salesforce.
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VoiceChum Professional Free Registration Code Free Download

VoiceChum for Skype is a stunning voice call recorder and organizer for Skype. VoiceChum for Skype is the most successful app to record and organize your Skype conversations for free. It is the best tool to record calls, check voicemails, set reminders and take notes of your Skype conversations.
With VoiceChum you can:
■ Record audio conversations with Skype participants including video calls.
■ Monitor and listen to Skype conversations via a beautiful and easy to use interface.
■ Decide who should get your voicemails.
■ Forward your Skype calls as SMS, Email, IM and MMS messages.
■ Detect and mark messages in your Skype conversation for later listening/archiving.
■ Organize calls and voicemails in a calendar.
■ Send and receive Skype calls via a separate account.
■ Access your Skype contacts and their information in your personal address book.
■ Use VoiceChum as a stand-alone system or as a Skype client.
■ Show your status as busy or available in calls.
■ Consum next to nothing in terms of resources.
Some of the functions that VoiceChum for Skype provides are:
■ Copy the conversations in order to listen to them on your mobile or on your computer
■ Forward calls to your Skype contacts
■ Mark messages in Skype for later listening/archiving
■ Access your Skype contacts and their information in your personal address book
■ View your Skype conversations in calendar
■ Record Skype calls without even opening your Skype
■ Detect conversations and mark them for later listening
■ Broadcast a ringtone to all Skype participants
■ Use the built-in reminder function to set the reminders
■ Support for direct dial to non-Skype addresses
■ Read SMS, MMS, Email and IM messages from Skype contacts
■ Play back voicemails
■ Save/print your Skype account configuration
■ Take notes during calls
■ Support VoIP RTP and SIP when making calls
■ Support for all Skype protocols including Video Calls
■ Support for both Skype Desktop and Skype for Windows 8
■ Use voipbabel to forward calls made to an audio device (such as a mobile phone) to Skype for free

What’s New in the VoiceChum Professional?

VoiceChum is available for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows OS(including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9).
VoiceChum can be run as an applet or a ActiveX control.
VoiceChum can be purchased for $39.95.
Here you can download VoiceChum for $39.95 [Paid], like the one I’m sitting in, the cold, slick, hard thing that never had a soft voice, warm hands, that ever said, ‘I love you.’ I’m staring at that, and thinking, this is all I have in life?

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System Requirements:

Windows XP or Vista
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Disk: 100MB
Step 1: Download Free Trial software and Install it.
Step 2: Extract it with WinRAR.
Step 3: After completion, you must run the msi file, which you have extracted from the downloaded setup.
Step 4: Wait until installation finishes.
Step 5: Run the setup after completion.
Step 6: Give a nice welcome to the player and