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Desktop Music Space. VOB2MPG Torrent @, in post-production, video editing & pre-mixing, digitizing and mastering, all are at. they should be, they see rather as signs from God that it is time to commit their future to Christ and become new creatures. They see their ministry as the proper, expected and normal thing to do. This can be a good thing, as anyone who has done such a thing is not going to stop what they are doing and not want to be a new creation in Christ. This can also be a bad thing. They keep on doing the same job they have always done even though it is not going to be necessary to continue in that job. Or a person can be a witness of Christ to someone else, and see the job they have as God’s, that of encouraging and witnessing to others, and want to see if they can continue to do that, or if it is better to change jobs.

V. Response

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My prayer for you all is that you would accept God’s call to become new creatures in Christ. May you go out into the world being people who use God’s methods of creating and using human beings to glorify and please Him. You are used to change and to becoming new creations. Let’s be willing to do that in the ministry as well as in our other activities in life.

October 27th, 2013

by Dave Hodges

The highly praised documentary “Sicko” has been given a rare, theatrical re-release, which begins tomorrow night (Wednesday 27th October 2013) in Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton. Directed by Michael Moore, “Sicko” tells the story of an American, single-payer healthcare system that emerged during the 1970’s in the midst of a chronic illness epidemic. The film came out in 2007 and it became a high-grossing hit across the country.

According to the film’s producers, this new special release will be the film’s biggest yet


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