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vCardOrganizer is a tiny and portable piece of software designed for managing vCard files (VCF format). It comprises an intuitive set of options for creating, deleting, splitting and merging vCards, making it accessible to those less experienced with computer software.
Portability advantages
Since installation is not required, you can put the program files in any location on the disk and run the executable immediately. Alternatively, vCardOrganizer can be saved to a removable storage unit (like a USB flash disk), and run on any PC that has .NET Framework installed. More importantly, the app does not modify Windows registry settings.
Clear-cut interface
The GUI is simple to work with. The main window automatically loads some preset vCards at startup, showing the name, file name, phone number and email address for each contact.
Create, merge and split vCards
New vCards can be created by specifying names, formatted names, phone numbers and comments. Additional fields can be attached into the VCF item, such as birth dates, role categories, URLs, photos and logos, along with custom-defined properties. vCardOrganizer does not integrate any advanced settings to tinker with here.
Merging two or more selected vCards creates a separate file with the combined properties. The original items remain intact, so there is no risk of losing the initial data. The same rule applies to the splitting process, where the vCards are created below the original and unmodified file.
Filter, export vCards, and other operations
All entries in the list can be filtered by any property name. Apart from the obvious viewing purposes, this feature also comes in handy for exporting all filtered vCards (instead of only selected ones) to text tab-delimited (UTF-8) or XML (Excel) format.
The application implements extra tools for helping users locate vCards using a simple search function, find vCards with duplicate names, addresses, phone numbers or emails, add the Formatted Name property to all vCards, rename vCards, as well as create backups and restore data. It is possible to handpick the columns to display, preview images, modify the default working folders and new vCard template, as well as to print information.
The app does not put a strain on PC performance, as it uses low CPU and RAM. We have not come across any kind of issues throughout our evaluation, since it did not hang, crash or display error messages. However, although vCardOrganizer is very easy to use by anyone, its feature-set does not account for its price.


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A lot of your vCard entries are duplicates, and it would be great if you could automatically detect and merge them all to save space on your device. vCard Organizer provides an in-depth scan to detect and merge vCard duplicates, but also intelligently performs all necessary processes to get rid of duplicates without losing valuable details. vCard Organizer includes…

Edit by Brothersoft: A must have, if you want to consolidate various contact lists stored in multiple vCard format files to a single folder (and maintain vCard separation to avoid duplicates).
Users can now choose to Scan, Merge or Ignore duplicates.
• Open an existing vCard file and merge duplicates based on matching First Name and Last Name, Email Address.

Edit by Brothersoft: vCard Organizer allows you to maintain vCard separation so you can avoid duplicates.
Now you have the option to use the “Ignore” feature, which will remove duplicates from your contacts list with no change in the contact details.
Plus, the new merge feature also allows you to remove duplicates from your contacts, but will keep the other information…

Edit by Brothersoft: vCard Organizer allows you to maintain vCard separation so you can avoid duplicates. Now you have the option to use the “Ignore” feature, which will remove duplicates from your contacts list with no change in the contact details. Plus, the new merge feature also allows you to remove duplicates from your contacts, but will keep the other information…

Edit by Brothersoft: Visual vCard Organizer is a powerful, easy-to-use, solution for organizing and managing your contacts in vCard format. The program is the ideal tool for users who are looking to manage all of their contacts on a single platform.Visual vCard Organizer allows you to organize your contacts by first name, last name, address, email,…

Edit by Brothersoft: Time has come to consolidate all of your address books from various devices and use them together on your Windows Phone. Why is that? The Windows Phone platform does not natively support vCard format. This can be a major disadvantage if you store your address book in such format on your devices.So, you need an application that does support…

Edit by Brothersoft: is pleased to offer you the chance to be one of the first to see Visual vCard Organizer, a Windows Phone 8/

VCardOrganizer Free Download [32|64bit]

Allows to merge and split multiple selected vCard files with various properties.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2016

Book Review – The Poet’s Gift (Book # 1 of 2) – C. J. Henderson

‘The same dream’


forever, except when it isn’t.

In the normal
world, it’s a vagabond rebel without a cause. He finds shelter, food and
sleep, all for free. None of this concerns him. Why bother? What is the use of
living? But sometimes, he’ll unexpectedly encounter the beginnings of something
that changes his life and all the lives around him.

In this new
world, he is revered, but nobody knows his face—not even himself.

When he
undergoes the Masking, his life is changed forever. No longer will he be able
to leave this place. He can never return to the normal world.

He must
learn to master his new gift: the Gift of Rain.

The same
dream begins in two different worlds…

RISING OF THE WORLD is a love story. It is a story of dual identity, but
above all, it is a story of the redemptive power of love.

My review

The story of dual identities is a common theme of Christian fiction, especially in the New Testament but there are stories of dual identities all over the Bible. Let me be clear: the world that Rain endures in the first story is not the same one that Ria and Seetha have. In the New Testament, many of the stories of dual identities were told in the Old Testament. In the book of Jonah, God tells Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell them to repented or God would destroy them. He tells him that this message would be a sign that will bring many people to repentance. In the book of Jonah, God does not give Jonah one of the gifts of the Spirit.

I believe that Rain and Ria are parallel stories to the story of Jonah.

Eli, if you remember, I told you on April 3rd that “If you are not a fan of God’s Mercy, God’s Grace

VCardOrganizer Crack + Free

This is a utility designed to create, merge and split vCard files. This program saves vCard information from Excel files (Excel xlsx format) and can view and modify the information within vCard files.

Image Editor

vCard Organizer

vCard Organizer

Article Info

This article was originally published in the
December 1998 issue of PC Computing magazine.Q:

Is it possible to get the result from DataGridViewCell.FormattedValue using Reflection?

I know that I can get the value by accessing the content of the control like:
int value = (int)DataGridView1.Rows[0].Cells[0].Value;

but I need to get this value formatted differently from the way DataGridView1 displays the data.
For example, when the value is something like 0.098610080000000000000891298654321, I need it to format it as 9.861008 but then again when displaying it in the cell i would like it formatted as 0.09861008 (including the decimals).
Is it possible to somehow use Reflection to access this value without explicitly typing it?


This is what ReflectionProperty.GetValue(object obj) was designed for.
var formatItem = DataGridView1.Rows[0].Cells[0].FormattedValue;

var formattedValueType = typeof(DataGridViewCell).GetProperty(“FormattedValue”);

var formattedItem = (DataGridViewCell)formatItem.GetValue(DataGridView1.Rows[0].Cells[0], null);

To make this a bit easier, here is a little extension method I use for most of this:
public static object GetFormattedItem(this object obj, string format)
var formattedItem = obj.GetType().GetProperty(String.Format(“FormattedValue”, format)).GetValue(obj, null);
return formattedItem;

var formatted = DataGridView1.Rows[0].Cells[0].GetFormattedItem(“9.861008”);

UPDATE: If you want this to take place on the form level, add the following code in the form’s constructor:
DataGridViewCell.FormattingEnabled =

What’s New In VCardOrganizer?

(C) 2015 Mobile Eye Software Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
vCardOrganizer does not support the creation of new vCards – For this, use a separate vCard creation software or service (like “” for example).
If you just want to keep a vCard and not use it for anything else, this app is for you.
– Organize contacts from all address books (including Exchange)
– Search, filter, export, filter
– Copy and paste contacts
– Merge selected contacts
– Split selected contacts
– Attach additional properties
– Rename selected contacts
– Add custom properties and tags
– Handpicked columns available
– Preview images
– Print contact information
– Add an automated e-mail to contacts
– Save and open vCard file
– No dependencies.
Mobile Eye Software Co., Ltd has been designing apps for over a decade.
Our professional team develops programs which not only fit your needs but also let you see the world with different eyes.
We have the most intuitive interface and great usability.
Software Review:
vCard Organizer is a simple and portable software designed for maintaining contact information of your people in VCF format (Visual Contacts). The app provides quick, easy and reliable ways for vCard file management. It includes features for managing, creating, merging, splitting and exporting vCards. The tool is easy to work with, as it does not require any additional installations or integration to Windows. Furthermore, the portable application does not touch Windows registry settings.
You can use the software to create, remove, merge, split and print contacts. You can filter selected contacts by a property. vCard Organizer does not integrate any advanced settings to modify its internal behaviour.
The app is simple to use; it loads a set of preset vCards when it launches, showing the contact information. It has a simple interface, easy to understand and work with, and it does not require advanced settings to work properly.
Tools and features
– Add properties to the selected contact
– Save vCard files to the specified folder
– Add vCard file to the text message history
– Export vCard as CSV
– Update contacts from local address book or Exchange server
– Organize contacts from local address book or Exchange server

System Requirements:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570k or Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770k or Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790k
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
AMD R9 390 or AMD R9 Fury X or AMD R9 Fury
4GB (32bit)
8GB (64bit)
Hard Drive:
20GB (Free Space)
Additional Notes: