Tie Formation Screen Saver [Mac/Win]

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Tie Formation Screen Saver

The Tie Formation Screen Saver is a 3d version of famous TIE-Fighter formation. You can see three TIE Fighters with two standard TIEs.
The screen saver displays the formation as it is passing the Death Star.


Rotate around to see formation from any angle
Move up and down to see the formation as it moves closer or further away
See the three individual TIE Fighters.
To learn how it works, please look at

You may not distribute this program. If you do so, you must provide a copy of it, a statement of changes, and the original. This program is free to use, and you may use it for personal, non-commercial purposes. You may not use it for commercial purposes or otherwise make a profit, without my permission. Since this program is free, there is no warranty. When you get my permission, you may distribute the program to others.

Tie Formation Screen Saver is provided as is. I provide no support for this program. Please review the requirements if you have questions about how to use this program.

Tie Formation Screen Saver Requirements:
TIE Formation Screen Saver is a Windows program.
It requires Windows 95 or higher. It runs on Windows 98, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.
It requires.Net Framework 1.1
It requires DirectX 9.0c
It requires.Net Framework 1.1
It requires XP for full effect!
This is the SINGLE PURPOSE version of the program!

TIE Formation Screen Saver Windows screenshots (click to enlarge)

The formations are defined as follows: The X-axis is the direction of travel in the animated gif files. The Y-axis is the direction of the fighters in the animated gif files.

TIE formation 1:
[1] TIE-Fighter 1 Leftmost
[2] TIE-Fighter 2, or “standard” Left
[1] TIE-Fighter 3 Rightmost
[1] TIE-Fighter 4 Middle Left

TIE formation 2:
[1] TIE-Fighter 1 Middle
[1] TIE-Fighter 2, or “standard” Middle

Tie Formation Screen Saver Product Key Full

Tie Formation Screen Saver Product Key lets you take a closer look at some of the most popular Starfleet fighters, most of which are starships.
These ships include the Excelsior, Defiant, Picard’s Enterprise, Victory, Excelsior-A, Excelsior-B, Delta Flyer, Shuttlecraft Columbia and Shuttlecraft Ariel.
This screen saver includes 3D models of 11 full views of all the ships as the Excelsior and the TIE fighter are passing through a formation. The screen saver also includes an animations
Tie Formation Screen Saver Full Crack Features:
You can launch the screen saver as a desktop icon or as a Windows Service.
The screen saver features a 3D formation of TIE fighters.
The fighter model was developed by graphics artist, Jeff Veretena.
GSC is the leader in fast 3D graphics and scene-based animation development for the Windows platform.
The screen saver uses a high resolution, stunning 3D model of the starfury TIE fighter.
The scene-based animation can be paused and restarted at any time.
You can stop the animation by clicking on the pause button.
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The TIE Formation Screen Saver can be purchased at the GSC store:

TIE Formation Screen Saver Contact:
Jeff Veretena at gsc.sourceforge.net
Thanks to all the people who have used GSC software!
Use of this product is subject to the GSC Terms of Use.
The TIE Formation Screen Saver is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.Q:

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Tie Formation Screen Saver

Tie Formation Screen Saver is a Free, 3D static screen saver for your desktop. It shows the Tie formation from a fixed position in 3D with the ability to navigate up and down and move across the screen. It was created by Brady Deckard and is based off of a series of 3D models created by Comfreak3D.
Tie Formation Screen Saver is part of Comfreak’s Personal Space Screen Saver Collection and is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 7.
NOTE: Tie Formation Screen Saver is updated monthly to incorporate new revisions and model improvements. Newest revision is 2.6 (8/20/2011) and will be automatically installed when you download the file.
System Requirements:
Personal or Home Network required to download file and run.
Minimum System Requirements:
Intel Pentium III or faster processor
Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 64-bit operating system
Windows 95 and 98 operating system not supported
Download & Play:
Tie Formation Screen Saver 5.0.4 (7,559,907 bytes) (7MB) December 31, 2019:

Free Updates:
Tie Formation Screen Saver will update automatically with new versions. If you would like to subscribe to the free version and future updates, please create a user account at the following link:

This will allow you to access and automatically receive updates.
Tie Formation Screen Saver will work with a number of screen resolutions and frame rates. The following system specifications were used to test Tie Formation Screen Saver and have been used to create and adjust these settings for the various screen resolutions. Please make sure your display settings are set properly before downloading the software:
Please be aware that the following screen resolutions were used to create and adjust the image settings for Tie Formation Screen Saver, they are NOT intended to be used for comparison purposes.
High Quality: 1280x720p @ 60fps. 657MB.
Medium Quality: 1280x1024p @ 60fps. 400MB.
Low Quality: 1024

What’s New In Tie Formation Screen Saver?

It displays a formation of 3 TIE fighters.

Each fighter is controlled by a different user.

The position of each fighter is controlled by the user. (Right, Left, Down or Up)

After each pass of the camera, the position of the TIE fighter is displayed so the observer can check.

A custom timer can be set to display the screen for a set number of seconds.

A timer can be set to run in the background. When the user log-offs, they can return to the screen to resume their attempt at establishing TIE formation.

You can add a TIE to the formation as another user controls it. (To another PC.)

Tie Formation Screen Saver Options can be used to change the details of the display.

Note: This is a screen saver. If you plan to use the application for more than 5 or 10 minutes, consider the required system resources.

The function is just a screen saver.
It is not an application. There are no options to save the display.

Resources required to display the formation can be significant, especially for an older machine.
On an older machine the image would be a bit choppy because the display capability is not as good as on a current machine.

Each of the players can be controlled by a different user. (Right, Left, Down, Up)
After each pass of the camera the position of the TIE fighter is displayed for the observer so they can check.

The position of each TIE fighter is displayed after each pass of the camera.

So for each fighter, there will be a new line.

For each fighter line is displayed. (Right, Left, Down, Up)

Timer and background tasks are features of the operating system, not the application. Windows XP and Vista have them. (See: MSDN)


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System Requirements:

Windows® XP, Windows Vista™, Windows 7™
Intel® Pentium® 4, Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Core™ i5
2 GB of RAM
DirectX® 9.0c compatible video card
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