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Keymacro is a cloud based autohotkey script editor which will make your keyboard macro creation easier and convenient.
Keymacro is more than a standard hotkey script editor, it is an advanced editor that allows you to save and load your hotkeys, a completely new way to manage your hotkeys
Keymacro’s features can be easily described in five categories: 1. Hotkey Creator 2. Hotkey Manager 3. AutoHotkey scripting 4. AutoHotkey Commands 5. Macro Recording
What are the Keymacro features:
1. Hotkey creator:
Make all your macros with a single click.
2. Hotkey manager:
See all your macros, set hotkeys or edit them in a complete environment
3. AutoHotkey scripting:
Add any command to hotkeys. Create a file called.ahk (ie. AutoHotKey.ahk) and write down your commands.
4. AutoHotkey commands:
Make as many hotkey commands as you want.
5. Macro recording:
Record macro and replay it
This app allows you to create macros in hotkey creator mode. It is much faster than using a text editor.
Keymacro comes with many features that make the creation of macros easy. Such as:
* Hotkeys creation
* Hotkeys editing
* AutoHotkey scripting
* AutoHotkey commands
* Macro recording
* Keyboard management
* Clipboard management
* Load/Save hotkeys
* Saving hotkeys as files
Why use Keymacro:
* Much faster than a simple text editor
* Save and load hotkeys as files
* Create different hotkey configurations
* Macro recording
* Editing hotkeys
* Creating hotkeys for macros
* Easy clipboard management
Keymacro comes with many features that make the creation of macros easy. Such as:
* Hotkeys creation
* Hotkeys editing
* AutoHotkey scripting
* AutoHotkey commands
* Macro recording
* Keyboard management
* Clipboard management
* Load/Save hotkeys
* Saving hotkeys as files
Keymacro lets you edit all your hotkeys in a completely new way. It provides you with a Hotkey Creator mode that can be accessed in one click.
* Make all your macros with a single click.
* Keyboard management:
* Load/Save hotkeys as files
* Macro recording
* Macro editing
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KeyMacro is a utility that aims to help you record a clip of a keyboard presses or mouse clicks, etc. and then automatically copy this video to an external video file. You can then embed this video in any website or blog post. KeyMacro can record your keyboard presses and mouse clicks and copy them to a video file and embed it in a blog post. With the software, you can capture the time of an event by recording the number of seconds or the number of key presses. The software is easy to use and provides an intuitive interface. It can help you record you are doing and save the clips on your hard disk for future reference. KeyMacro works on computers with different operating systems and does not need to be installed.
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F.lux is an open source utility that allows you to adapt the display of your computer based on the time of day.
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