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I tried this solution but It is not working.
I had used this step also
I have tried my best but still cannot log in. Please help me out.
I already have tried this solution
Please help me.


i had the same problem with the Sonya1 and the aforementioned link helped me.
Downloaded PlayStation Media Manager and ran it to recover my network profile.
Hope this helps

Enter to Win a Camper Van from Millie Huppenkothen

The Michigan Center for Learning Innovations is giving away a camper van to one lucky winner!

Students at the Michigan Center for Learning Innovations are learning life skills, such as cooking and budgeting, through a second job. Millie Huppenkothen, a special education teacher and certified counselor at the Michigan Center for Learning Innovations in Saginaw, recently came up with the idea.

“I went through an organization once where they taught me how to make handmade greeting cards for free. So I thought it would be fun for the students to come here, make cards in class and then give them away,” she says.

Millie has a passion for creating products that can help people and her students are learning how to be independent. When we spoke to Millie, she explained that all the students in her first year of teaching are in the special education program. At the end of the first year, they will be fully self-sufficient and have created the following employment certificates, which they will be able to apply for in the second year of teaching:

Once they have completed their employment certificates, Millie says that the students will be able to move into paid employment in their own home