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VNC Server and Client. Allow any user to connect via network to access computer desktop, applications, and files. Connects to a VNC server on the internet, a VNC server on the local network, or on your computer.
KEYMACRO Description:
Give your computer a phone number. Use your computer as your very own phone, or access the internet using your phone.
KEYMACRO Description:
Use your phone as a modem with computers that don’t have built in modems.
KEYMACRO Description:
E-Mail Client with Mac OS X E-Mail Notifications.
KEYMACRO Description:
Create RSS 2.0 feeds for your favorite news sites.
KEYMACRO Description:
A fast way to back up your PC to an external hard drive, DVD, or external CD. AnoBackup is the ultimate backup software that allows you to backup your files, folders, application settings, and more without any loss of data.
KEYMACRO Description:
A compact and simple file manager with file manager keyboard shortcuts.
KEYMACRO Description:
An easy way to backup your important files, folders and settings to the cloud and restore them later.
KEYMACRO Description:
Calculate all the properties of a compound object such as a fingerprint.
KEYMACRO Description:
Search the web, email, and files for specific content. The built-in search engine allows you to search text, PDF, images, and more.
KEYMACRO Description:
This advanced control panel gives you the option to customize which file types can be processed using an advanced permissions system.
KEYMACRO Description:
A customizable task scheduler that allows you to schedule your tasks for execution at specified times.
KEYMACRO Description:
A way to make any text on your computer usable on mobile phones by converting your documents into mobi, epub, and PDF formats.
KEYMACRO Description:
Allows your Android phone or tablet to turn your computer into a wireless gaming keyboard or mouse.
KEYMACRO Description:
Create animated wallpapers from a folder of images.
KEYMACRO Description:
Create, view, edit, and share PDF files online. The application allows you to import and manage PDF files as you would a native application.
KEYMACRO Description:
Allows you to backup and restore all your files on your PC.
KEYMACRO Description:
Take screen shots in every format you can think of. 70238732e0

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BT WatchMe is a program that can record activity on your PC. It works when the computer is turned on, and you can use the program to make a video that records your activities for a certain period of time. You can record video in high or low resolution.
BT WatchMe can use the webcam as a video source, or you can choose to use a VGA or composite video source. You can choose video and audio sample rate from 20 Hz to 250 Hz. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can set a video file name, the frame rate, the capture resolution, capture format, and the capture quality. You can capture webcams as well as video capture devices.
BT WatchMe can be used to log your desktop activity, your modem usage, your web site visits, your email activity, and any other activity on your computer. BT WatchMe allows you to record video, audio, and screenshots at the same time. You can log and save multiple video files at the same time. This means you can save time and money. You can record any program that is running, including all Internet browsers.
BT WatchMe also records the sound played on your computer. It can automatically record background sound or record all sounds including MP3s played on your computer.
BT WatchMe is a reliable software that you can use to record programs, logs and sound without any effort.
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8

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