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Gepubliceerd: 4 juni 2022 (4 maanden geleden)

Because the translations are kept simple, it’s possible to listen to very fast sequences in real-time, which may be interesting while on the road (e.g. comparing an Amputee Chromosome to a normal one).
Bio2Midi offers the molecular sequences in the main areas of use:


You can view the human and mouse chromosomes, and their annotations (other genomic elements, SNPs, etc.) and a very complete list of cde4edac5b

Dim Sky



ML Control Stick

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ML Microphone

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The Perfect Microphone

In today’s world, we all consume music of different kinds: from pop to jazz, rap to rock, all genres have their own share of characteristics, and we can’t help but love them all.
Sounds are important, in fact; they make us feel alive, and they go a very long way towards making us feel warm when we’re sad