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This tool was developed to help you rebrand links in order to help you achieve more in a more effective way. It’s a simple, but clever way to generate and share short and memorable links.

New Rebranding opportunities!

Now that you’ve read this, you can be the first to know when Rebranding opportunities hit the “MARKET”… MWAHAHAHA!Complex Canvas

Fields marked with

The canvas field is a little different from the typical form field. The first thing to note is that this field can’t have a label. The next thing to note is that there are two ways you can use this field.

The easy way is to just add the values of the field into the dialog for whatever other page you’re on.

Let’s say we’re listing all our custom post types and their settings. To do this, we add the values of our custom field “canvas” into the dialog for any other page (in this case, the Custom Post Type setting page).

This makes for a super easy way to add all of the settings in your canvas to a page. Just add the values to the dialog box (in the picture above, I’m typing in a link to the Custom Post Type setting dialog on another page) and all the settings will be included in the page’s settings.

The second way is to use the “add a custom field to the settings” option on the Custom Post Type editing page. This is a little more involved and I highly recommend doing it this way if you have a lot of settings. It’s also fairly complex, so the only way I can really cover it here is to use a mock-up to walk you through it:

In this example, we’re going to add the value of the canvas to the screen that allows you to change the post type. First, we need to make a field in that screen.

So we go to the posts settings page and we add a custom field. In this case, we’ll call it canvas.

What you may notice in the above image is that the Custom Post Type settings screen has a little “Add/Remove Fields” icon next to the canvas field. This is there for you to be able to add multiple fields to a single settings page. This could be used for more complicated things, but since this is pretty simple, I’ll just add a single field so we don’t get confused.

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If you want to leave a poignant impression online, you definitely need to be cohesive when declaring your set of beliefs, especially if you are a marketer trying to promote a product.

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Renaming Hyperlinks While You Are Sleeping

Rebrandly is the simplest, smartest Chrome Extension that makes a web page appear as if it has been rebranded.
With just a few clicks, you can redirect any browser web page URL to a new URL that better communicates your message.

It is live, just install it, go to the page you want to rebrand and click “Add” in the bottom right corner. Then you can instantly see the new URL in the address bar and share it.


– Change the URL of any page:

With Rebrandly, you can easily change the URL of any page in your browser and everything will just work again. If you’re watching a live video stream on YouTube for example, you can click Rebrandly, move to your own live stream channel and see the difference instantly.

– Change your website URL:

Getting a new domain can be a long and time-consuming process, but with Rebrandly it’s as simple as entering your existing URL, clicking “Add” and then sharing the new one.

– Enable a new domain:

If your new URL is based on a completely different domain from your old one, you can click on “Enable” to make the extension find the right domain with the correct website.

– Supports multiple domains:

You can rebrand a new URL on multiple domains at once.

– Classic pages support:

If you have a classic page it will still be accessible through your new URL.

Rebrandly does not change the links on the page. It just changes the URL. If a user wants to use your new URL they will still see the old URL if they are using a browser that doesn’t support JavaScript.

When the user logs into their account, Rebrandly creates a new profile for them that points to the old URL.

If your site has live streaming, the change will be temporary and it will redirect back to the old URL after the stream finishes. To make it permanent, you can use the “permanent link” button on the rebranding screen in the settings.


– Add image:

You can use any image on your website as a background for your new URL.

– Add any text:

You can select any text on your page to add as a title of the new URL.

– Change your domain:


What’s New in the Rebrandly For Chrome?

Rebranding links on your website with simple clicks is easily done with Rebrandly for Chrome.

It’s a handy tool that stands out for being very user-friendly and easy to use, with practically no learning curve at all.

This extension allows you to put an end to hours of tedious work, making it fast and easy to rebrand your URLs, social media links, and other interesting Web pages just by clicking the add-on icon on the toolbar and selecting how you want them to look.

Brand your links with an easy extension

Using an extension such as Rebrandly for Chrome will have a great effect on the development of your brand, but that does not imply your effort will have no practical results. Since you can easily produce short and memorable URLs you can share as you see fit, the advantages will become evident soon enough.

Yet, you will certainly have to take the time to learn how to use the tool’s features before you can proceed with the automation, which is the very reason why you need to get an idea of how to best use the functionality and adjust the settings as you go along.

There are a number of settings you have to consider as you go about positioning your link, but none more than the domain it belongs to, which is the most important piece of information you need to make the best possible decision.

Much of what you need to know about the domain you pick is provided in the form of a short snippet of information, which can also be displayed as a short preview when you go to select the domain you want, meaning you are spared the trouble of figuring out everything by yourself.

Integrate into your workflow

You can also go about selecting where you want to link your URL by looking at different features on the page itself, which is a handy way to make it easier on yourself if you have a variety of links to process.

The best way to go about this is to use the minimap, which will make it easier to decide, with you having to do little more than change the pointer from the default one to a marker that shows the nearest area you want to link to.

In case you have many domains to work with, the minimap can serve as a time-saver in getting them all done, and with the resulting URLs displayed on the side, you can easily customize each of them as you wish.

Although you can have the added benefit of instantly previewing

System Requirements For Rebrandly For Chrome:

What is included:
– 5 A1 HD Videos
– 2 A1 Bonus Scenes
– Behind The Scenes Interviews with the cast
– DVD Menu and chapter selection
– Bonus English Audio Commentaries from director Grady Hendrix, star Katie Aselton and producer Mark Pellington
– Behind The Scenes documentary on the making of the film.
– Ultimate Collector’s Edition Booklet including New Audio Commentary from director Grady Hendrix and actor Sean Gunn.