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– “double”clock will increase speed and increase the contrast of the clock
– “min”clock will make clock animated with minimal contrast
– “4ms”clock makes clock 4ms
– “16ms”clock makes clock 16ms
– “60ms”clock makes clock 60ms
– “300ms”clock makes clock 300ms
– “max”clock makes clock with full contrast
– “off”clock will make the clock without flashing
– “search”will search your specific MAC address in ADMIN:ADMIN computer on your network

Every day, thousands of Macs are born, and even more leave us. This week we take a look back at some of the Macs that we have covered in the past, but will never see again.
Since the debut of the Mac in 1984, we have covered over 4000 Macs. While every Mac has a unique story to tell, today we look back at some of the greatest Macs of all time. Enjoy!
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Many popular TVs from the past 20 years are gone now. And those that are still in use, how often do you really think about them? And if you were to think about them, how often do you truly check the information on the screen?
In this episode of the Devstreaming Academy, I give you a look at the popular TVs that are no longer in use.
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The complete guide on how to get started with the new Intel C27XT-M Motherboard.
In this guide, we go over the differences between the C27XT and C28XT motherboards, which chipset the board runs, and what all those numbers mean.
This guide also goes over the differences between the C27XT-M and the AM3+-M motherboard.

Today we will look back at some of the most popular PC motherboards. To start off, we have the ECS G2V review, the GIGABYTE GA-C27BE-DS2 motherboard, and the GIGABYTE GA-C35P-DS2 Mother 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a graphical modelling language (GML) for business process modelling. The focus is on the specification of the models and their validation using a GML instance checker. KeyMACRO is described in more detail in a previous publication.


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Category:Modeling languages
Category:Business process managementNot for the first time, a New York magazine article elicits responses both hilarious and sobering. Take this piece by science writer and New York staff writer James Glanz, which covers a June 23 study in Science that found that 70 percent of HIV-positive men who have sex with men were unaware of their HIV status, meaning they had never been tested for the virus.

“A shocking number of people with AIDS are living with the virus without knowing it, and researchers warn that if current trends continue, a generation of new AIDS patients could be born to people who could be saved with treatment,” Glanz writes.


His article noted that the study was conducted by researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but ended on a more dire note:

But as a grim side effect of their success, researchers say, the new cases could help fuel an already-crowded AIDS epidemic. About 770,000 people in the United States are currently living with HIV, about two-thirds of whom are men who have sex with men.

This sort of depressing and unfounded analysis has been a staple of the New York magazine in recent months. Earlier this year, its newly appointed religion columnist, Danielle Lee, wrote an article headlined “Vatican Endorses Fisting for Procreation” that included such lines as “reproductive fisting has long been a fave for gay couples looking for an outlet” and “the stress of producing offspring often drives gay couples to look for new ways to have sex.”

Glanz’s article is less hard-hitting, but the author’s remarks about the high number of HIV-positive people who are unaware of their status are equally absurd.


Glanz’s reporting begins with the comment from CDC researcher Randall Dunn, “If this study shows what we expect it to show, you could say a generation of people with AIDS would be born.”

“[Dunn] isn’t merely a practitioner of evolutionary biology who takes the idea of