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Gepubliceerd: 3 juni 2022 (3 weken geleden)

The goal of this package is to offer a collection of components that allow you to create animations, visualisations, and other 3D graphics controls in WPF applications in a simple and easy way, using a lightweight system. I will show you 3D animations in WPF and 3D graphics components, along with a small number of 3D interaction components that behave like a real 3D control. 3D animations are also covered.

4.3 Animation and 3D Graphics in WPF 99d5d0dfd0

It is developed to fulfill the needs of users that want to explore the usefulness of this simple, secured and lightweight TCP server, but without the responsibility of managing a Firefly Media Server.

Firefly Server Open Source is a software distribution server that can be managed remotely over the Internet without any agent installed on any end-user computer. A central location provides the installer an easy way to manage the installation and distribution of programs. Central locations on separate networked computers are ideal for small and large organizations