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NiceLabel PowerForms 6.70.03 X64

A reliable label product designer software for the Mac that allows you to create custom, database based label templates, that can be used individually, or in conjunction with databases.



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NiceLabel PowerForms 6.70.03 Crack Free License Key Download (2022)

NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop is an application dedicated to label management and design. The bundle includes several modules. With its rich set of components, you can easily create label form templates, develop custom databases and print out labels of different types.
Key Features:
✔ All in one application.
✔ Design new templates or import from others.
✔ Generate label form templates.
✔ Create custom databases.
✔ Insert and resize objects.
✔ Perform operations with a specific database.
✔ Print label form templates and imported templates.
✔ Print labels from templates.
✔ Print database entries or files.
✔ Print database entry forms.
✔ Print database entries.
✔ Print database entries from templates.
✔ Edit labels from templates.
✔ Insert text, pictures, and images in label forms.
✔ Generate customized labels.
✔ Generate customized labels.
✔ Remove database entries.
✔ Repair database fields.
✔ Apply text modifications.
✔ Use xl files.
✔ Generate labels with multiple templates.
✔ Perform operations.
✔ Remove headers and footers from labels.
✔ Generate labels from images.
✔ Generate labels from images and text.
✔ Generate customized labels.

NiceLabel Utility is a smart and easy-to-use application. This program combines several functions, such as label customization, data export, and label printing. It also provides you with design templates so you can create your own custom templates without any problem.
Comprehensive application suite
Through this tool, you can perform the following functions:
* Generate templates
* Customize templates
* Create labels
* Import and export files
* Print labels
* Remove headers and footers
* Prepare databases for printing
* Print database entry forms
* Generate customized labels
With this software, you can automatically open, customize and print labels in various formats (in a stand-alone application or configured to printers). Additionally, you can create your own templates and use them with different databases. Moreover, you can export data from databases to files, which you can then save in your computer or send to the printer.
Clear and easy-to-use interface
The program’s interface is very easy to use. It only includes a few small buttons in order to perform each function. Moreover, you can also access the data of

NiceLabel PowerForms 6.70.03 Serial Number Full Torrent

NiceLabel PowerForms is a reliable software suite dedicated to designing and printing product labels, for various types of businesses. The bundle features several components, each created to facilitate the designing, organizing, storing or printing of label templates. Moreover, you can also configure the main designing tool.


NiceLabel PowerForms 2.8


NiceLabel PowerForms is a reliable software suite dedicated to designing and printing product labels, for various types of businesses. The bundle features several components, each created to facilitate the designing, organizing, storing or printing of label templates. Moreover, you can also configure the main designing tool.
Comprehensive application suite
NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop comes as a bundle of programs, each with specific functions, to help you in generating and printing label designs. The editing program, NiceForm allows you to create stand alone label printing templates that you can associate with databases. Based on the type of design you create, the templates can also be individually operated.
This simple, WYSIWYG application enables you to create custom label forms by manually inserting and resizing the elements. A list of all the supported objects is displayed on the left, to facilitate the design. Thus, you can easily add frames, text, pictures, buttons, editing fields, memo boxes, drop down menus, list boxes, radio groups, check boxes group or variable prompt.
Database connections and suite components
NiceForm also allows you to create database connections right inside the template, by inserting search fields, tables, database navigators and database enquiry tools.
The other components of NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop include NiceLabel Configuration, which allows you to change settings for the main editor.
NiceData allows you to view and manage information imported from various types of files. NicePrint and NicePrintQueue are designed to help you configure the printing process.
NiceLabelQuickPrint features several pre-made and pre-loaded templates, ready to be printed. NiceMemMaster allows you to manage data from media cards, while the Smart Keyboard Downloader enables you to insert digital keyboards in various templates, in order to optimize them for touchscreen devices.
Comprehensive suite for label management and design
NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop can make the creation and printing of labels easy and quick. The suite integrates both a powerful template editor, which allows you to create stand alone label templates. The other several applications facilitate the storage and printing of the labels, with custom data entries.

What’s New in the?

Easy to use and intuitive, NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop is a complete label design package, ready to make all your product labeling projects a breeze. NiceLabel includes both templates and suite components, to help you quickly design and print product labels, with minimal effort.
Editing templates with ease
The application is designed to make templates easy to create and manage. You can insert objects like frames, text, pictures, buttons, editing fields, memo boxes, drop down menus, list boxes, radio groups, check boxes group, variable prompt or any other object directly from the main WYSIWYG editor. You can also resize and move objects into different slots on the main window.
Configure printing
Once you create a label template, you can simply associate it with your database to provide customized data entries. The application also allows you to configure the printing process. You can set the printing width, paper size and type, print layout, order sequence, preview as well as print the label and print the field data.
Link databases for printing
By using NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop, you can create database connections to provide easy access to data. The application has a powerful template editor, which is designed to make stand alone label templates. Thus, you can create the main label template. You can also insert a custom database connection right from the editor, to help you create custom data entries.
Creation of various types of label formats
You can edit a label template using either the WYSIWYG application or the table list.
WYSIWYG design interface
The table list layout provides a WYSIWYG way to design and print labels. This simple, intuitive interface is designed to make the creation of label templates easy and quick. Thus, you can simply customize the main label template. You can add images, text, frames, buttons, fields, drop-down menus, table lists, variable prompt or any other objects into any of the 20 slots. You can then use the buttons to manipulate any of the objects. You can adjust the size and position of any object in the main window, by clicking and dragging.
Create stand alone labels in templates
You can also simply create a stand alone label template. You can insert your custom objects, resizing them as necessary.
Easy to configure printing
You can configure printing settings, including paper size and type, print order, preview settings and your message.
Additional links
Template Designer, Link Manager, Print Queue,

System Requirements:

Supported Devices:
Windows Phone
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Tested on:
iPad – 11.3.2
iPhone – 9.1.2
iPad mini – 11.3.2
iPhone 5 – 9.1.2
iPad Air – 11.3.2
iPhone 6 – 9.1.2
iPhone 6 Plus – 9.1.2