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Neuralnetworksaclassroomapproachbysatishkumarpdffreedownload |VERIFIED|



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// DTXContainer.m
// DetoxInstruments
// Created by Leo Natan (Wix) on 02/07/15.
// Copyright © 2017-2020 Wix. All rights reserved.

#import “DTXContainer.h”
#import “DTXLog.h”
#import “DTXLogFormatter.h”
#import “DTXDetox.h”
#import “DTXInstrumentedMessages.h”
#import “DTXInstrumentedAssertions.h”
#import “DTXContainerInternal.h”

@implementation DTXContainer

#pragma mark – Properties

@dynamic testsCount;
@dynamic instrumentsCount;

#pragma mark – Logging

+ (void)initialize
if (self == [DTXContainer class]) {
DTXLogFormatter *logFormatter = [[DTXLogFormatter alloc] init];
[logFormatter setIncludeSubTestInfo:NO];

DTXLog **loggers = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];

[loggers insertObject:logFormatter atIndex:0];

DTXLogLevel defaultLogLevel = DTXLogLevelWarning;
[self registerInjectionMethodName:@”DTXLog.setLogLevel” logLevelName:NSStringFromDTXLogLevel(defaultLogLevel) metadata:@{NSLiteralAttributeName: NSStringFromDTXLogLevel(defaultLogLevel)}];

[loggers insertObject:logFormatter atIndex:0];


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