Minecraft Slash Blade Crafting Recipes |VERIFIED|

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Gepubliceerd: 22 juni 2022 (3 maanden geleden)

Minecraft Slash Blade Crafting Recipes |VERIFIED|

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Minecraft Slash Blade Crafting Recipes

slash blade mod 1.18.1
slash blade mod 1.17.1
crafting asura swords in shadowfell

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Genre: Action, Survival, RPG

Master Craft Mod 1.1

Minecraft The Master Craft Mod только для минейших? Crafting Recipes so you can craft the most dangerous enchantment.

Zu can craft this mod apisert your account on minecraft server from DataBroker Mod Apk



1. Crafting supplies are sent to your account by courier and will appear in your inventory once the delivery is complete.
2. When crafting a spell with an element specific to the mod, you will be unable to re-sort your inventory to view a different spell or re-craft your current spell until the mod replenishes supply with that element.
3. Most crafting mod spells have 20,000 durability, but some require more, this can be changed in the mod configurations.
4. Some crafting mod spells have elemental charges, these can be replenished with item drops by any player at the crafting station of their respective element.
5. Crafting on the ground makes your avatar partially float and look like it is wearing boots, due to mod spells being created, which will negatively effect items you’re wearing which currently.

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The mod follows the mod configurations for:
-Crafting Spells (Primary spell – Primary secondary spell)
-Elemental Charges (Elixir spawns based off of this)
-Elemental Dispensers (These can be stocked by players with items of that particular element and can be used to make them in normal situations)
-Elemental Transporters (These are items used for conjuring the elemental spells which surround and float