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MicroCity Portable is a handy and reliable application designed to provide a lightweight approach to GIS analysis.
With MicroCity Portable, you will be able to operate GIS data in order to perform fractal, spacial and network simulations. Scientific GIS modeling is easier with the aid of this application.
This is the portable version of MicroCity.







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– Unzip the archive and install the program on a PDA (Windows 2000 with Pocket PC, Windows XP with Pocket PC, Pocket PC version of Windows 2000, Pocket PC version of Windows XP) or a Zune, Kindle, Nook, Sony PSP, BlackBerry, or iPod touch.
– The application is free, so you can use it as you wish.
– With a portable database, we can find:
– information of each place on the map
– information about the place itself, for example, name, address, telephone number, etc.
– the borders, highway exits, bridges, industrial parks, gas stations, large buildings, schools, offices, industrial or residential areas, ect.
– simply, all the elements that compose a given place.
– An intuitive interface.
– Undo/Redo: all of the operations performed can be easily undone and, in case of error, redone.
– Físico & Socio: with the provision of a physical and socio metric, determining the centrality, the relevance, and the represenativeness of a given place.
– Fractal and Topological: a map of the place can be either displayed in fractal (which gives a sense of resolution) or topologically (which presents the places of the place with topological quality).
– Network: with the network analysis, we get a model of the place that, specifically, can take the following models:
– Graphs: the object can be displayed as a graph in which each vertex corresponds to a place and an arc (or link) represents a relation between two places.
– Paths: shows the path between two places that are far from each other, but are physically near to one another.
– The degree of a given place is the number of places that are represented.
– Import: with this option, we can import existing map data from a.txt file.
– Export: the map with all its elements can be exported to a file in the.txt format.
– And a large number of other options.

Thanks to MicroCity Portable 2022 Crack, you will be able to analyze your GIS data using a more light and elegant interface.
You can find this application at:

– Windows 2000 or newer

The file Sender_for_windows_linda_v1.0.5.rar contains the key to activate

MicroCity Portable With License Key

-Easy to use with standard user interface
-Extensive material and professional rendering options
-Free and open source GIS software
-Convenient paper mapping
-Built-in Java RIA programming
-Standalone applications
MicroCity Portable is an easy way to create web-based applications. Simply embed the MicroCity Portable with a web browser and create your own programs.
More information and all needed java knowledge is included in the help file.
MicroCity Portable features:
• In-depth documentation
• Ready-to-use demo
• Powerful tools for GIS data analysis
• Customizability
• Professional rendering options
• Detailed API’s reference documentation
• User-friendly interface

– MicroCity Portable 1.6.0 MultilingualSetup
Run and browse this world map in batch mode! You can customize the map display by using the overview map. Also, you can start manual insertion of the map elements by using this template.
All the map elements are provided in the program by using the comprehensive API for MicroCity.
The user interface of this world map looks professional and is especially designed for the unicellular map display.

– MicroCity Portable 1.4.0 Multilingual
The urban morphology template is a splendid example of MicroCity Portable. It is a collection of minor details in one very easy-to-use program. This urban module is made of a wide range of information, allowing you to perform analysis using the available “wildcards”. The urban shape template is a live template, making it a fun and fast program to create a basic shape map. The urban morphology template can be used with all MicroCity Portable programs, but especially the city shape module and shape catalog module.

– MicroCity Portable 1.3.0 Multilingual
A basic shape template for creating a morphological map. This template is a perfect example of the ease of using MicroCity Portable. Shape templates are living templates, allowing you to create many morphological maps at once.

– MicroCity Portable 1.2.0 Multilingual
An example of a perfect baseline for the creation of a morphology map. This template is a perfect example of the ease of using MicroCity Portable. The baseline is another live template, and can be used in all morphological modules.

– MicroCity Portable 1.1.0 Multilingual
It is a very easy-to-use shape template that allows you to quickly create shapes. This template can be

MicroCity Portable Keygen

MicroCity Portable is small program that has all the functionalities of MicroCity. These features include the ability to make ­geometric, network and fractal simulations. For operating GIS data, MicroCity Portable can save in a shape file format.
In addition, you can work with raster data that is a format used to map imagery and is popular in the area of cartography.
Features of MicroCity Portable include:
* Compact size with no external libraries
* Self-explanatory user interface
* Very simple graphics interface
* Works with images, vector data and raster data
* Works with polygons, lines, points and vector layers
* Networks
* Graphical simulations
* Spatial Analysis
* Polygon manipulation, centroids, gravity, drainage, contour and hydrologic modeling, profile generation, geodesics, statistics
* Vector projection generation
* Functionality for plotting and drawing functions
* Allows virtual sewer and pipe extraction
* Allows calculation of flows between two points and the computation of distances between two points
* Imports the data from a geodatabase, shapefile, image and raster (TIF, GIF, JPEG, ASCII)
* Has basic table and database manipulation tools
* Allows the creation of “stream” and “graph” geodatabases

MicroCity Portable Features:
1. Create geometric, network and fractal simulation models.
2. Functionality for plotting and drawing functions.
3. Calculate flows between two points and the computation of distances between two points.
4. Imports the data from a geodatabase, shapefile, image and raster (TIF, GIF, JPEG, ASCII)
5. Has basic table and database manipulation tools.
6. Allows creation of “stream” and “graph” geodatabases.
7. Allows the computation of hydraulic heads and potentials at points.
8. Allows the calculation of radii of curvature in the hydrogeomorphic and hydraulic networks.
9. Allows the computation of flow vectors between two points.
10. Allows the insertion of different media materials in the simulations.
11. Allows the building of networks using the flow direction and speed and the calculation of the travel time between two nodes.
12. Allows the conversion of nodes, arcs, lines and points into polygons for creating different schemes of the area.
13. Allows the transformation

What’s New In MicroCity Portable?

MicroCity Portable is a GIS operating software developed by MicroCity. The license of this
program is Free for personal and commercial use.
The whole name of the program is MicroCity Portable (and MicroCity).

This program is designed to analyze a large-scale network of GIS data and analyze the whole map or the selected object with very limited user’ efforts.
With MicroCity, you can perform fractal, spacial and network simulations through point, line, area and polygon objects. Because this app is a portable one, you can use MicroCity anywhere and anytime you want.
MicroCity Portable provides you many analytical methods. You can export the data to image data, save to a TIFF format to use for other needs. You can also save the TIFF format to JPG, BMP, EMF, PNG, GIF or EMF. You can also save the TIFF format to a text format and then later on you can open it in many applications such as Microsoft Office, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many others.
Using MicroCity, you can save and load many files to save your work. After finishing your work, you can easily save the position of the exported and analyzed objects, change the color table, change the palette, edit the properties of some objects and format them as required.

1. Support many file formats: TIFF, BMP, EMF, PNG, GIF and JP2/JPX.
2. Support different size palettes.
3. Save the position of exported objects.
4. Export objects from the Geo Window as a shapefile, which can then be opened in ArcMap, ArcView, ArcGIS Explorer, GeoGraphics, GIMP, QGIS, ESRI, etc. You can also save the TIFF format to JPG, BMP, EMF, PNG, GIF or EMF.
5. Save the TIFF format and open it in many applications such as MS Office, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Drawboard, etc.
6. Export the map to other formats: PDF, SVG, or XLS.
7. Save the range of the analysis such as the bounding box, objects inside, objects outside, selected, de-selected and all objects.
8. Support to export to shapefile from Geo Window.
9. Do a lot of operations: overlay,

System Requirements:

1. Radeon X1800 Series or better
2. CPU supported by AMD Overdrive
3. Radeon Software and Display Driver version support Overdrive
4. DirectX 12 compatible games
4. SSD required for installation
NOTE: Overdrive and Overdrive Launcher and their application software are not officially supported by MSI.
Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 285, 290 or 290X
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770, 780, 780 Ti or Titan
Intel i7-4790 or better
Memory: 8GB RAM