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Life is precious, and so is your mouth. Make it easier for you to choose the perfect denture by choosing your teeth first. Why try to chew or masticate something you don’t enjoy?

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Chronos is a sophisticated clock that can show you the time in many different time zones all over the world. It also shows the clock in big, medium and small sizes and if you want, you can even change the background color.

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The tutorial is self paced. Students start reading right after registration and can work at their own pace.

One day’s data shows communication between the ground and Moon.
With the help of the satellite network, NASA scientists are tracking the motions of the Moon.
During its day, the Moon is moving from west to east at a rate of 1.5 meters per second, or roughly one meter in 36.4 seconds.
Today the Moon is moving from west to east at a rate of 1.9 meters per second, or just over one meter in 49 seconds.
The Moon was always moving, but because of Earth’s gravity, its speed slows down as it approaches the Earth.

This application is for a very simple game (it’s a direct replica of the original).
The objective of this game is simple.
Hit a bull’s-eye with your laser beam and the bull’s-eye will light up.
When you finish this level, the game will immediately jump to the next level.
The game consists of 8 levels.
You are now on the fifth level.
Your score is displayed at the top right hand side of the game.
There is also a little score counter in the bottom right corner of the game.
If you hit the bull’s-eye successfully, your score will increase by one, and the counter will decrease by one.
If you hit a part of the screen that is not a bull’s-eye, your score will not increase.
The part of the screen that you cannot hit a bull’s-eye with your laser beam is called the “marker.”
The area that will light up when you light up the marker is the “bull’s-eye.”
You can also hit a part of the game that is not a bull’s-eye with your laser beam, but it will not increase your score, and the counter will not decrease.
So, what are you waiting for?
The game is easy.
How to Play:
You are the player of the game.
There is a red laser beam.
The bull’s-eye is your target.
You can hit the bull’s-eye with your laser beam.
You cannot hit the parts of the screen that are not a bull’s-eye.
You do not have to hit