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Desktop Central MSP is an intelligent and powerful Desktop Management software designed to help managed service providers to efficiently manage their customers’ desktops and servers. It offers integrated desktop management functions like Software Distribution, Patch Management, IT Asset Management, Remote Control, Configurations, and System Tools.
Desktop Central MSP is built on agent-server architecture. It provides two different options in managing customers of varied sizes:
Managing Directly from Central Server:  In this mode, each agent residing in your clients’ desktop directly communicate with the central server. This is suitable in cases where you have very few desktops to manage. You do not need a dedicated system at your clients place for installing the distribution server.
Managing Through Distribution Server: Consider a scenario where you have more than 10 computers at one of your clients. If each agent contact the server to download the required patches, software binaries, etc., it will cause a definite bandwidth overhead. In such cases, you can opt to install a Distribution Server in one of the computer in the clients place. The distribution server periodically synchronizes the patches and software binaries with the central server. The agents installed in the client computers will contact the Distribution Server to pull the tasks available for them and also download the patch and software binaries from the distribution server.
Desktop Central simplifies the management of your client’s desktops and servers. you do not have to run between the clients to get your job done. Instead, you can manage all of them from the comfort of being at your office or even home.
Automate most of the routine tasks like Patch Management, Application Deployment, Upgrading the Applications and OS-e’s to the latest service pack, etc.
Standardize the desktop, system, and application settings of your clients’ computer like browser proxy/ home page settings, desktop wall paper settings, outlook settings, power settings, and so on.
Secure your clients’ computers by applying security policies, restricting the USB device usage, installing up-to-date patches and service packs, managing local users and groups, etc.
Troubleshoot your clients’ desktops by taking control of their computer remotely and making the necessary changes. You can switch between monitors and transfer files, and even disable user’s keyboard and mouse while you have the control.
Audit the software / hardware assets of all your clients, manage their software licenses and ensure that they are compliant, track the software usages and detect/uninstall any unauthorized software installations.
Note: This freeware allows managing 25 Desktops only.







ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP Crack Full Product Key For PC

ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP is the most sought-after desktop management software. It allows you to manage desktops with ease. Besides regular desktop management, it offers additional security features like Scheduling, Administrative Tools, Networking and Restarts, System Cleanup, Remote Control of Desktops, Software Updates, System Validation, User and Group Management, etc.
It is highly compatible with Windows Operating System including all versions (Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 etc) and it is developed on C#.NET platform. A superb connectivity with high-speed internet makes it faster and more responsive than others. With this, you can schedule or schedule operations to be performed automatically on client’s computers. Scheduled operations can be easily executed even after the system is logged off. You can schedule operations based on the time of the day, days of the week, weekdays and months.
The software offers flexible and robust user interface to make it user-friendly. Easy to navigate through, all the functionality can be accessed easily. You can connect with your customers and make them feel much more at home.
This software lets you control the applications installed on their desktop. Whether they are software applications installed in the browsers, or other system utility applications, you can control them to work or not work. You can also manage the installed USB devices and make them work or not work. You can control the users and groups of your customer as well. You can permit them to access a list of USB devices or restrict them to access only their own devices. You can even start, stop and restart the services of their desktop PC.
Its PowerDirector is a user-friendly application that helps you create customized desktop themes. You can easily create your favorite desktop theme and save them in your system. The user interface is highly easy to use and navigation is really fast. With user-friendly interface, it is very easy to save, edit, share and manage your customized desktop theme. Save your creative work as a new desktop theme file, and share it with your friends.
The software allows you to track software usage. You can track software usage of your desktop PC with the help of software inventory. You can track the software usage of each application and which one is more frequently used. You can also restrict the software usage to certain amount of time.
The software provides a centralized user management solution that is very much useful. All the user details are stored in a central database that is easily manageable through its user interface. You can add user’s

ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP Crack+ [32|64bit]

ManageEngine’s Desktop Central MSP is designed to deliver a complete managed desktop service to your clients. 
Desktop Central can be installed as either a Server Agent or as a Client Agent.
It’s Server Agent (CMS Agent) allows us to manage all the clients which are connected to the internet.
It comes with the most flexible features of providing the service.
Below are the features of Managed Desktop Central :
Remotely access and manage your clients’ desktops
Monitor all activities on the desktop
Restrict internet access
Enable and disable desktop peripherals like keyboard and mouse
Monitor the running applications on the desktop and kill/close them remotely
Install new software / patches on the desktop
Uninstall the software installed on the desktop
Access / transfer files on the desktop
To start your Managed Desktop Central Server :
On the server machine, download and install the CMS Agent –
Download ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP Crack (Centra MSP) from following URL : ManageEngine Centre MSP For Windows
For the Live Demo.
Unzip the file (Centra MSP) to any directory of your choice
Run the CMS Agent by double clicking on the CMS Agent icon
Select the option to install to Remote Account from the CMS Client Setup Wizard.
A Restricted Client will be generated
Now add the Restricted Client into the list of connected clients
Run the client and you will now be prompted with this screen
Connect to CMS with a Windows Live Id and you will be directed to CMS Setup Wizard
Configure your account name, email address, password, company name, locale (optional) and license for Managed DeskTop Central.
Configure the client details like IP Address (Addresses), Time Zone (mandatory) and the location of your CMS Agent (optional)
Click on Finish to start the Client Agent
After completing the above steps, you can now access the Managed desktop from a browser
Download Manual for Windows.pdf : ManageEngine CMS MSP for Windows Guide
Download Manual for Linux.pdf : ManageEngine CMS MSP for Linux Guide
Download Manual for UNIX.pdf : ManageEngine CMS MSP for UNIX Guide

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and other Linux distributions help you build your own version of the server software that runs on top of Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions range from Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (RHAS) to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and now RHEL 7.

ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP License Keygen Free

ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP is desktop management software from ManageEngine that helps to centrally manage desktops and servers. You can maintain them with ease and make them productive. It covers desktop, server, and network maintenance tasks and gives you the ability to manage client computers in one place. You can configure and lock devices in many ways and patch software with minimum maintenance. With the ease of configuring the software, you can set system policies, schedule tasks, and automate everything with less manual effort. It can be downloaded for free for testing.
ManageEngine is a market-leading software solutions provider that helps businesses automate their IT workflows. They provide “Client Management Solutions” and “System Administration Software Solutions” that help IT administrators manage and configure client devices, as well as manage the data centers and servers that are responsible for running the clients’ devices. Their solutions are used by more than 10,000 organizations including some Fortune 500 companies to streamline their operations.
ManageEngine’s client management software solutions include:
Ease of Deployment, Configuration and Setup: Desktop Central MSP is self-contained within an ISO image. It is a collection of a snapshot of the client machine and a Configuration Tool, which allows you to configure the desktop to make it a client that will work with our desktop management application. Once the client is setup, simply transfer the ISO image to the client computer, boot from the ISO image and you can start working with it without having to install any additional software onto the desktop.
System Policies Management: Client management doesn’t stop after the initial setup. In fact, you can set system policies that make your clients even more compliant and secure. You can make configurations like fixed proxy settings, web browser home page, and other settings that define your clients’ behavior and allow you to specify the default operating system parameters, software settings, and application preferences.
User Group Management: You can group your clients into logical groups to make your administration easier. You can assign licenses to the groups, assign users to the groups, limit the access of users to the group and set the scope of group membership. The Groups will work like roles and only group members can act as its members.
Roles: Each group can have a hierarchy of roles, which are roles that are included in their groups. If you set any group’s role to a specific role, then only the group’s members are allowed to use the roles. You can create as many roles as you like and assign them to a group, and then

What’s New In ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP?

ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP is a powerful and easy to use desktop management solution that supports MS Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7 and Server 2008/2012. You can centrally manage desktop computers and their configurations. Even the most complicated configurations are straightforward to set up. With this feature, you can also manage the users, client settings, their desktop computer security, computers running on a home network, and more. The Software Distribution configuration feature can be used to distribute different software packages to computers running on your home network or office network.
With ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP you can also monitor:
Updates to all installed software
CPU, RAM, disk space, etc.
Remotely monitor and update the configuration or software on multiple computers remotely.
Manage the state of various hardware components
With ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP you can control the following functions:
Installing, updating, removing, or configuring devices, software, or any other IT asset on the desktop computers remotely.
Taking control of a computer for maintenance, troubleshooting, or any other action.
You can also create remote support cases, manage and coordinate remote help desk calls, and automate remote resolution of computer support issues.
Using ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP you can also easily distribute software updates, patches, and device drivers to your clients’ desktop computers. This feature can be used to manage the configuration of client machines or the updates to existing client configurations.
Use the asset management feature to manage the hardware and software assets of your clients and ensure compliance. You can monitor the disk space usage of client computers, and use the asset management feature to deploy new software packages or install new software.
Using ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP you can also automate a number of routine tasks. For example, you can perform the following tasks:
Software updates
Stopping and restarting processes on clients’ computers
Installing software or drivers
Managing the configuration or software installed on multiple computers
Using ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP you can also manage:
Enabling or disabling USB device access on clients’ computers
Maintaining the security and configuration of client computers on a home or office network
Maintaining the security of computers using built-in Windows authentication
Deploying software packages to client computers
Installing, configuring, or uninstalling applications on client computers
Taking control of a client computer for maintenance or troubleshooting
Taking control of a computer for troubleshooting or maintenance

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB ATI X-series, Radeon HD2400 series, or NVIDIA GT550M, G550M, or GT630M
Storage: 16 GB available hard disk space (recommended)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible