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HDRC Magic iPod Data Recovery Software is specifically designed to recover and restore all lost missingmusic playlist, mp4, songs files, formatted or logically damaged iPod memory, deleted mp3 and more. This read only non-destructive tool support to various type of iPods including iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Mini, and other iPod generation series {1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G (iPod with video)} and other equivalent media player electronic devices such as Toshiba, Sony, MP3 music players etc.
Magic iPod can restore a corrupted iPod in many scenarios including when your iPod has either the sad face icon or the exclamation point icon. Run the evaluation software and if it provides an “Excellent” probability of recovery then the chances of recovery are high. Please note however that e.g. the sad face icon can be as a consequence of hardware failure. In these situations Magic iPod will not restore your iPod and you will have to contact Apple directly for a possible replacement.
Ensures data revival from accidentally formatted iPod memory or when data reset operation is performed on the iPod devices. Recover data loss when iPod updated or restored using iTunes software. Retrieve corrupted or frozen iPod files and folders from the iPod drive. Data retrieval support both type of formatting and deletion by windows or Macintosh operating system. The iPod restore software provide easy graphical user interface that makes easy for the user for music recovery.
Here are some key features of “Magic Ipod”:
■ Restore lost music, photos and video, deleted songs, formatted or damaged iPod files and many more.
■ iPod data retrieval support for both type of formatting and deletion by Windows operating system.
■ Ensures data recovery from accidentally formatted iPod memory or when data reset operation is being performed on iPod.
■ Recovers Data even if iPod partition volume is not recognized by the system. Retrieve corrupted, damaged files and folders from the iPod disk.
■ Easy to operate for the non-technical back ground person.
■ Pentium AMD Intel or equivalent processor.
■ 128 MB RAM.
■ 20 MB of free hard disk space for installation.
■ Automatically opens developers page on program exit







Magic Ipod Crack Full Version Free [Updated]

Magic Ipod Crack Keygen is iPod data recovery software, which use superior algorithms for iPod data recovery. Software is developed for iPod recovery from iPod hard disk, iTunes music library, PC hard disk or iPod iPod itself after any kind of formatting corruption. “Magic Ipod” full recovery data is transferred to the hard disk directly without any further scanning process. All iPod albums, music videos, video clips, playlists are fully restored and all the data is strictly recover from iPod. Software store the recovered data in “Recovered folder” in the recovery disk after the user-defined time.
■ User can choose either restore or recover from iTunes Music library.
■ It fully support all generation iPod devices {5G, 7G, 8G, 8G iPod, 8W, 9W, 4W, 5W iPod, 2G, 3G, 4G iPod, 5G iPod, iPod Touch, iTouch, iPhone, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle} and iPod accessories.
■ Easy to operate for the non-technical back ground person.
How to run?
■ Single floppy disk, DVD, or CD.
■ Keep Magic Ipod on the desired drive letter on your computer, please do not move while it is running.
■ After the program runs, press the “restore” button to start the scan process.
■ Restored data will be saved in “Recovered folder” in the recovery disk.
■ Note: Please keep the recovery disk if you want to use it later
■ Magic Ipod automatically open developers page when it is end.
Magic Ipod restore and recover the music from:
■ Hard disk, iTunes music library, PC hard disk, or iPod itself.
■ All the data is strictly recover from iPod. It directly transfer the data to the hard drive without any further scanning process. Magic Ipod software supports to retrieve all of the lost data. All the music, video, photo, files that you want to recover from your iPod can be directly recovered after recovery.
Magic Ipod perform recovery for following models:
■ iPod music library – 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G iPod, 5G, 5G iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod mini and other iPod
■ iTunes music library – iTunes music library is deleted or has been lost completely due

Magic Ipod Crack Free Download

Magic Ipod Crack is the only iPod data recovery software that you can use to retrieve iPod formatted and deleted files no matter if the data were deleted by your PC (partition) or by iTunes. It can also retrieve lost iPhone/iPad data, corrupted iPod mp3, Audible audiobook files, formatted iPod volumes of any type. From the moment you plug your iPod, Magic Ipod Crack For Windows will scan it and offers you the best recovery probabilities based on a given situation of data loss.
Just follow few easy steps to recover your lost iPod data in few clicks of your mouse. With no risks, no need for hard disk, no need to be a computer wizard. It works in an easy and intuitive way.
You can restore your iPod/iPhone by scanning its entire partition as an image file. You can choose to keep only the files that you want to restore or you can restore files to new volume or format as well. Magic Ipod supports almost all iPod models, regardless of generation number (with or without video). It supports many operating systems (Apple Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7), while it’s very easy to use and will offer recovery in only a few easy steps. And Magic Ipod will never leave your computer’s active memory after recovery.
Magic Ipod Free Download
“Magic Ipod” is a fully automatic iPod/iPhone data recovery software that recovers data from various types of formatted and deleted iPod, iPhone, or iPad files such as music playlist, photo, movies, audiobooks, ringtones, and support both formatted and deleted iPods.
It scans your entire iPod/iPhone partition and its contents and offers you the best recovery probabilities based on a given situation of data loss. Magic Ipod will never leave your active memory even when recovery is completed and will ensure that no sensitive data is leaked.
With “Magic Ipod”, you can recover your lost music, movies, audiobooks, text documents, ring tones, photos etc. from formatted or non-formatted:
1) iPod, 2) iPhone, 3) iPad, or any other kind of MP3 player as well. iPod/iPhone files can be MP3, AAC, M4P, M4A, m4b, or Audible audiobook files.
Magic Ipod is the only iPod data recovery software that will offer you to restore your iPod music, video and photo files to new formatted/new partition or you can keep original files in place.
Magic Ipod

Magic Ipod (Updated 2022)

Magic iPod HDR Data Retrieval Software is designed for iPod users who lost or formatted the memory of their iPod. It recover all types of data including all types of music, videos and photo from your iPod and other storage devices (hard disk).
As Magic iPod’s powerful recovery features you can restore everything that has been previously deleted from your corrupted iPod. Magic iPod supports iPod systems that have been sold on Mac and Windows platforms.
Magic iPod supports the following types of iPod Models:
■ iPod Classic 2G/2G video.
■ iPod Classic 3G/3G.
■ iPod Classic 4G.
■ iPod Classic 5G/5G.
■ iPod Nano 4G/4G/4G video.
■ iPod Nano 5G.
■ iPod Touch 3G/3G.
■ iPod Touch 4G.
■ iPod Touch 5G.
■ iPod Touch Nano 4G.
■ iPod Video 6G/6G.
■ iPod Video 7G.
■ iPod Video 8G.
■ iPod Video 9G.
■ iPod Video 10G.
■ iPod Video 4/4G.
■ iPod Video 5G/5G.
■ iPod Nano 3G/3G.
■ iPod Nano 4G/4G.
■ iPod Nano 5G/5G.
■ iPod Nano 4G/4G video.
■ iPod Nano 5G/5G video.
■ iPod Nano 4G/4G video.
■ iPod Touch Nano 4G/4G.
■ iPod Touch Video 4G/4G.
■ iPod Touch 5G/5G.
■ iPod Touch 6G/6G.
■ iPod Touch 7G.
■ iPod Touch 8G/8G.
■ iPod Touch 9G/9G.
■ iPod Touch 10G.
■ iPod Tablet 2G/2G.
■ iPod Tablet 3G/3G.
■ iPod Tablet 4G.
■ iPod Touch 6G/6G/6G video.
■ iPod Touch 7G.

What’s New In?

Get the perfect Apple iPod music and videos back on your hard drive in no time. Apple iPod Music Recovery is a professional and efficient tool designed for data recovery of Apple iPod media.
Getting your Apple iPod back on a working condition has never been so easy and fun!
Back up all your Apple iPod music and videos to hard drive, restore lost videos and music, and even retrieve erased photos and other data with just few clicks.
Apple iPod software recovery solution can recover lost Apple iPod music, videos, photos and other music, videos and photos. You can also recover photos deleted or lost from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
� It is powerful and easy to use. Apple iPod Media Recovery can quickly and easily recover Apple iPod mass storage device lost data.
� It is extremely easy to use.
� It is very easy to use and the interface is very easy to read.
� It has a friendly interface.
� If you are a Macintosh user then you don�t need to spend any money to get Apple iPod data recovery software.
� It will run in your work, home or school computer.
� It has an extremely low system requirement (only need 32 MB RAM).
� You only need to follow a few steps to retrieve your Apple iPod data.
� Very easy to backup Apple iPod content to your hard drive.
� You can quickly restore the lost videos and music from the iPod which can be used as a gift.
� The main advantage of this iPod recovery software is that you can retrieve you lost videos and music from your iPod in just seconds.
� This iPod recovery software not only recover lost videos and music but you can also retrieve lost photos and other important files from your iPod.
� It is an application, not an OEM Apple iPod Music Recovery.
� It is a pure data recovery software for Apple iPod users.
� It is developed to recover the lost content from Apple devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.
� It is a very easy to use software for your iPod recovery.
� This iPod data recovery software has an automatic iPod recovery mode.
� It gives you the option to recover most types of Apple iPod mass storage device lost data.
� This iPod media recovery software does not require the knowledge of IT or advanced users.
� It supports both Mac and Windows operating systems.
� The

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