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Lodgit Desk 2.6.3

Lodgit Desk Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a web-based application that helps manage a hotel business in a web-enabled environment. It offers simple means of booking reservations, event planning, inventory management and property reports. It also assists you in tracking guest services and special situations that occur at your establishments.
Multiple establishments
The application lets you maintain one database for multiple establishments. In addition to the main booking page, there is an administrative area with access to the data storage and reporting functions. In addition to the ability to keep track of several properties in a single account, you will also be able to perform searches that permit you to see the characteristics of the property, as well as the number of rooms, floors, etc. Also, this software offers a booking calculator and review of reservations.
Booking tool
Lodgit Desk offers a booking tool that permits you to organize events, find a room that is available for certain dates, and compare prices. Also, it’s designed to perform searches for the facility and the dates of a specific type of event, and the search results are displayed as an interactive timeline. The developer of this software, Lodgit Desk, also offers an event planner tool. It makes it possible to plan out the events in a timeframe and pick the specific date.
Inventory management
Management of inventory is simple with the help of the inventory overview tool. In order to manage items, such as food, drinks and decorations, you can add items to the database and assign them inventory numbers. You can view the items as well as their price and stock, you can also add notes to each one. You can adjust items and their prices using the list of items and their respective prices.
System reports
The system reports application lets you view an interactive summary of your properties and how they are performing. In addition to the number of reservations, you can determine the month and year that have the largest number of visitors, as well as the room rate of accommodations. Also, you can determine which areas are in trouble and which are generating income.
Ratings and reviews
The user reviews system in Lodgit Desk is simple to use, but makes it possible for customers to leave customer feedback. They can add notes as well as review areas such as food, service, price and others. After you have posted these reviews, the general manager, or the person who issues customer service, can view them.
What’s new in version 5.0.1:
・Added support for new function “Day part viewing”.

Lodgit Desk 2.6.3

Lodgit Desk – Hotel ERP Software is software which is used for hotel management. This hotel management software is used for managing different parts of a hotel. Lodgit Desk is easy to use for hotel management so that most of the things can be done quickly. It has an easy interface which makes it very user-friendly. Various modules are integrated to it to enable different features for a hotel.

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Lodgit Desk 2.6.3 PC/Windows

The quest for the perfect hotel experience starts with an online reservation with the Lodgit Desk Suite. Quickly take a look at all the key components of the Lodgit Desk Suite and find out how each one can work for you.
Unlimited users, flexibility, high quality, streamlined reservation workflow, screen sharing, synchronized bookings, secure online payment with Stripe, instant confirmation – all of these features and more are included in the Lodgit Desk Suite.
Here is what makes the Lodgit Desk Suite unique:
– Unlimited users, flexibility and options: With unlimited users, you can manage as many hotels and camps as you need. No limit on the number of properties you can invite. You can also decide for yourself how many nights you want to reserve.
– High quality: Lodgit Desk’s reservation workflow combines simplicity and elegance. The user-friendly interface and user-tailored templates provide the right amount of flexibility and automation to ensure reliable and fast booking.
– Screen sharing: All of your bookings are synchronized with a single user interface, no matter if you are at the office or on vacation. Reserving and working with your hotel contacts is thus always fast and effortless.
– Secure online payment with Stripe: Lodgit Desk makes it easy to accept online payments by the most popular payment providers Stripe, Paypal and others. Reservation payments and checkout at the hotel are saved in the same place and are just a few clicks away.
– Instant confirmation: Lodgit Desk is designed to work with the most popular booking websites such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Agoda.com, Hotels.com, HomeAway and so on. It thus allows you to easily confirm reservations online.
– Bookings over time: Reserving for multiple nights in a row becomes even easier with the ability to view your reservations with a group filter. You can simply filter by month, day of the week or even destination. All bookings are listed together and can be updated at any time.
– Back to the hotel: With the Lodgit Desk Assistant, you can quickly find the best way to get back to your hotel.
– Bookings, invoices and preferences: You can manage your bookings in an invoice manager and/or do payments online with a single click.
Built-in calendar and event management: Never miss a booking again. Using the integrated calendar you can not only easily search for available dates but also quickly add upcoming bookings and events.

What’s New in the Lodgit Desk?

Lodgit Desk is a specialized hotel business application for use by hotels. With this software the hoteliers or hoteliers, the owners of hotels / hotels can carry out any action related to their hotels, hotel as well as their hotel properties. This program is a combination of the functions of an online CRM with the functionality of a standard hotel management software.
It is more than just a hotel software, it also provides you booking tools, an inventory, a membership program, a complete reservation system, a client relationship management and even a contacts management. Lodgit Desk is a hotel management software that you can work with. And the program can be downloaded quickly and easily, so that you can test it out prior to purchase.
Lodgit Desk Specifications:
Lodgit Desk includes various functions for managing hotel properties. Some of the most important features include:
✓ Sales Revenue Tracking
✓ Inventory Management
✓ Online Booking
✓ Real Time Location based
✓ Automatic Event Based
✓ Online Marketing
✓ Multilingual platform
✓ Safaris
✓ Payments
✓ Client relationship management
✓ Contacts management
✓ Events
✓ Setup & Included
✓ Road map
✓ Database
✓ Crm
✓ Marketing
✓ E Commerce
✓ Reservation System
✓ Property Management
✓ Invoice
✓ Marketing
✓ Listing
✓ Admin
✓ Guest Relations
✓ Self Service
✓ Staff Management
✓ Booking
✓ Online and Offline
✓ Real Time Location
✓ MultiLang support
✓ Payment gateway
✓ Inventory
✓ Availability checks
✓ Online and offline booking
✓ Multilingual
✓ Multi user
✓ Booking management
✓ Multiple products and multiple managers
✓ Guest-house management
✓ P & L analysis
✓ Accounts management
✓ Sales
✓ Booking
✓ Reservation
✓ Database
✓ Reference management
✓ Price and inventory management
✓ Reservation
✓ Calendar
✓ Property management
✓ Proprietaries
✓ Booking
✓ Admin
✓ Housekeeping
✓ Reporting
✓ Sales
✓ Sales revenue tracking
✓ Inventory
✓ Booking
✓ Reservations
✓ Events
✓ Book

System Requirements For Lodgit Desk:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 (or newer)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: Windows Sonic (or newer)
Additional Notes: You will need a microphone and a suitable headset to participate. Please also note that you must be 18 years old or older to participate