Kong: Skull Island (2017)

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Kong: Skull Island (2017)


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A large female gorilla named Kong lives on an island with many smaller primates. He is a vegetarian, and is considered a friend to the humans who live on the island. One day, Kong encounters a ship filled with modern humans, and mistakes them for escaped gorillas.
The humans, however, are working on an aeroplane that will never fly due to the gorilla’s size, and need to kill him to get the engine out of his body.
Kong, who is actually protecting his mates, viciously fights the humans, and is ultimately stopped by a team who shoot him in the head with high-powered rifles. After Kong dies, his remains are burned on the shore of the island.
The chief of the island, however, becomes obsessed with collecting Kong’s bones, believing that they have mystical powers, and uses them to make an aeroplane, only to have the engine fall from the bones onto the nose of the plane and blow up.
The islanders do not understand how Kong can have no heart as Kong is supposedly a vegetarian, which is why he is seen to eat the humans. Kong is considered a god, so it is revealed that the chief knew what Kong really was.
In a post-credits scene, it is revealed that the chief has Kong’s body carried in a coffin, from which Kong’s descendants come back to life every time they hear the word “Kong”.

A voluptuous and deadly gorilla tries to feed on a young couple in the remote wilderness of the South Pacific.

King Kong [Spanish-language version] is a Spanish disaster film / B action film released in 1997. Directed by Mariano Ozores and written by, King Kong was a first-time feature film for director Ozores and was the first Spanish film to achieve a share of over 4 million viewers (3.5 million on its opening weekend) and a box office success.
It was also the first Spanish film to earn $800,000 from a single foreign country, which was the Netherlands (money spent outside of Spain on a film in the Netherlands), and the highest-grossing Spanish film of all time at the time it was released.
After King Kong, Ozores directed the sequels King Kong Lives Again, King Kong Lives Again 2, King Kong Lives Again 3 and, King Kong Returns.

The film stars, Pedro Almódovar,,,,,,. The screenplay was written by,, and, based on a story

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