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A simple yet fully featured Macro Recorder/Recorder for Mac. The program records a user-defined sequence of keystrokes, and then stores the recorded session in a separate file.
KEYMACRO Main features:
Easy to use Interface.
Full compatibility with Mac OS X.
Record a sequence of keystrokes and play them back.
Use ‘One-Touch Playback’ to go to any specified point within a recorded sequence.
Record from ANY application.
Support for layers in the recording.
High-level Scripting.
Quick Start.
Installation Notes:
1. Double-click on the installer and follow the instructions.
2. Do not install KEYMACRO on the same volume as an existing version of the application.
3. After installation you will have to start the application from /Applications/.
4. You will be prompted to register your copy of the application.
KEYMACRO Installation:
Double-click on the installer and follow the instructions.
Macro Recorder is a simple yet powerful way to create simple scripts and automate your daily tasks.
Keymacro can be used to record any type of operation. It can work on almost any application in Mac OS X.
Keymacro Scripting languages:
MACRO: To create macro to save time and effort when scripting.
KEYMACRO: To create keystroke and mouse scripts.
MacroRecorder: Mac OS X macro recorder software, the ultimate tool for all those who need to automate their daily tasks.
Keymacro: Macro recorder and keystroke recorder.
Macros: Macros is a feature in Mac OS X which allows the user to record a set of keyboard commands for later playback.
Keymacro is the best video and audio recording software for Mac
KEYMACRO is the best video and audio recording software for Mac OS X. This powerful software can record any type of operation from any application, including keyboard typing, mouse clicks, window movement, screen capture, etc. Keymacro has a powerful scripting language which you can use to create your own scripts.KEYMACRO is a full featured and powerful video recording and player for Mac OS X. The program can capture any type of video from almost any application in the Mac OS X including many audio types including WAV, AIFF, MP3 and more. The playback and editing features of the program are the best in the market.Keymacro is a powerful and easy 70238732e0

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Just a basic tool, you can setup it how you like to use it.
Have it close the computer in a certain time.
How it works:
This tool saves all the keyboard macros you type in to a file.
Each time you launch the program it reads the macros from the file, changes them into the time you have specified, then saves them again.
Keymacro and AutoShutdown will work together to make a cool combo.
Get this keymacro, and the auto shutdown combo.
Other features:
Lots of cool features added.
Keystrokes are coded with a function (like f11)
Switch between 1� mode and 2� mode
Option for keyboard config
Set current program
Save program to use
Copy program to use
Show current time
Show changed time
Show keymacro file
And many more features

Old news, but it was a useful tool to have around.

Info on the software, or contact me about it, or have me add it back to this list.

The software has moved since this was last updated, so the following is an update.
AutoShutdown for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

You can set your computer to shut down when a certain time is reached, or a pre specified time.

Main Features:

Shutdown time
Shutdown Time


Shutdown on Timeout

Time specified in minutes and seconds.


Time specified in minutes and seconds.

Keyboard macros.

All keystrokes that you have programmed are now saved to a file, so they are available in the future.

Macros that are saved are like keyboard macros, but without the function codes.

If you save a macro with f11, it will be saved in the f11 file.
If you save a macro with f1, it will be saved in the f1 file.

Macros can be changed, and all macros are listed in the program.

Keystroke macros can be saved to the file in 1� mode, or 2� mode. (Program is available in both modes)

1� mode macros can be changed using the 1� mode function keys.

2� mode macros can be changed using the 2� mode function keys.

You can configure your program how you want, it will read the file, and