Honey Cave 2 Jar

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Honey Cave 2 Jar

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Honey Cave 2 Jar

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Honey Jar and Honey – 179 entries in the “Drink” category. on the side of one of the jars. Yes, they really did think this was a. I put it in the jar. It came with some honey and several. Broke it into several smaller jars and just stared at it.


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Gents – 11×20 Honey Jar, Vintage Grocery Store Packing Box, $225

Here we have this Grocery Store jar packed with 11 10lb jars of Honey. This is a very nice “set” and was packed in a crate in the early 1960s.
There were no spices or salt included. This was simply a sample of the products available back in those days.
I am selling this “11×20 Jar” on ebay here:
From the collection of the late Craig Holbrook of Holbrooks Auctioneers


The whole process was top notch and a pleasure to deal with. The honey is harvested by hand from the hives, and when I picked it up the guy I bought it from said he had never seen such large honey buckets inked with a hex sign. It was a great day.
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