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NAS Detector is an application produced by LG Electronics in order to properly detect and manage LG network attached storage devices.
It works exclusively with LG products and its main purpose is to provide users with the possibility to change the network parameters tied to each of the detected devices. This can be done comfortably from the intuitive environment that the application offers.
Following a quick and effortless installation process, NAS Detector places a shortcut on the desktop, for easy access. During the first launch, the program conducts a scan of your network in order to detect the NAS devices that are active.
The scan process might take a while, depending on the number of attached NAS systems, the availability of the network and some other parameters of its internal engine. At any time, you can choose to initiate another scan process, which this time, will be carried out with progress inside the main window.
Once the process is done, the discovered devices are listed inside the main window, alongside details such as MAC and IP address, as well as host name. Clicking on a record allows you to play with several network parameters, such as subnet, default gateway and primary and secondary DNS. Also in the main window, you will find link to the NAS web menu and a shortcut to the network folder.
All in all, NAS Detector is a good choice if you’re dealing with NAS devices on a daily basis. It can be used to gather information on the NAS configuration and to change it whenever it is necessary.Q:

How to retrieve duplicate key?

I have an array of tuples like the following :
(John, [federal_province_id: 31, federal_province: tst])
(John, [federal_province_id: 31, federal_province: tst])
(John, [federal_province_id: 31, federal_province: tst])
(Jane, [federal_province_id: 25, federal_province: tst])
(Jane, [federal_province_id: 25, federal_province: tst])
(Jane, [federal_province_id: 25, federal_province: tst])

I want to find out duplicates and keep only one of them.
I have tried to use DISTINCT but it will return the following output :
(John, [federal 70238732e0

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Shortcuts are a powerful feature that can be used to automate many of the keyboard shortcuts that you use in Microsoft Windows. Keymacro allows you to create macros that will run a series of keystrokes in sequence.
KEYMACRO v2.2 adds new features and enhancements. Some of these features include:

Support for USB keyboards

Improved key repeat times

Some improvements for keyboard shortcuts on Vista and Windows 7

The user interface and a set of default macros have been completely rewritten in C++. The current version uses DirectInput to retrieve and modify input device settings, and is compatible with any keyboard you might have.
In addition to the built-in set of default macros, you can add custom macros to use in any program. For instance, in the example below, we have a macro that changes a web site to a different web site. Note that there are two different methods of creating macros, the non-visual method, and the visual method.
Method 1: Non-visual
Step 1: Press the “M” key to enter the Macro menu.
Step 2: Select “Macro Builder” from the menu.
Step 3: When the Macro Builder dialog appears, select “New” from the menu.
Step 4: Enter a name for the macro, for instance “Change to Yahoo”
Step 5: Click on the “Button 1” button to save the macro.
Step 6: Repeat steps 1 through 5 to save the next macro.
Step 7: Click on the “Cancel” button to close the dialog.
Step 8: You should now see the “Change to Yahoo” macro in the Macro list.
Step 9: Click on the Macro button in any open program.
Step 10: The “Change to Yahoo” macro will be activated and the new web site will load up.
Step 11: Close the web browser.
Step 12: Repeat the above steps to activate other macros, and load up new web sites as you want.

Step 2: Right-click on the created macro, select “Import Macros” from the menu.
Step 3: When the Macro dialog appears, select “Import from file” from the menu.
Step 4: Browse to the location you want to save the macros, for instance “C:Macros”
Step 5: Select the file you want to import, for instance “Change to Yahoo”
Step 6: Select “Ok” to