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If you work as a musician or sound engineer, you probably understand that, aside from hardware components, there are also software solutions that can enhance the quality of your projects.
In the situation above, you can resort to third-party applications such as Gallien Krueger Amplification that can help you achieve quick, convenient results without significant efforts.
Enhance the sound quality of your projects
Gallien Krueger Amplification is a collection of virtual Gallien-Krueger devices, such as amplifiers, sound cabinets or microphones, that lets you create an advanced setup for your live performance or ongoing projects.
You can choose from a wide array of amplifier, cabinet or microphone models by simply clicking each one's corresponding Model button and selecting your desired device from the dedicated lists.
Stylish interface
This program comes with a smooth, eye-catching interface that contains realistic renders of the supported devices, letting you interact with their controls as if you were working with the actual hardware components.
The only standard menus can be accessed from the top toolbar. They enable you to power on your amplifier setup, modify MIDI control routes and access the configuration window. The rest of the interface's controls consists of a few combo menus, buttons, knobs, and slider bars.
Handy configuration menu
If you want to save some time configuring your setup, you can just select a pre-defined set of parameters by clicking the dedicated "PRESET" button and choosing your favorite one from the menu.
This application also provides you with a handy configuration window where you can adjust settings related to the preferred audio device, sample rate, input channels and knob modes.
Handy virtual amplifier with various presets
To sum it up, Gallien Krueger Amplification is a reliable application that can help you create a unique sound for your live performances or audio projects in an efficient manner. It comes with a visually appealing interface, packs intuitive controls and provides you with a set of presets as well as a configuration window.


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The only standard menus can be accessed from the top toolbar. They enable you to power on your amplifier setup, modify MIDI control routes and access the configuration window. The rest of the interface’s controls consists of a few combo menus, buttons, knobs, and slider bars.
Virtual amplifier
It comes with a stylish interface, packed with many unique and realistic visualizations of the supported devices.
You can modify settings for the chosen device, sample rate, input channels and knob modes.
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What’s New in the Gallien Krueger Amplification?

1. Equip your guitar with the Adrenalot Guitar Analog Distortion. Accelerate guitar and guitar sound, distorted distortion, Bassline guitar. BASS

2. Crush, crunch, Strobe Guitar. Powered by the super amp distortion guitar, distorted, bassline and annoying hard sound pedal. The accelerator guitar and the crack tone are characterized by a bright and fast response. A Roland guitar is characterized by a deep, slow, percussive and acoustic sound. This unplugged Rodeo allows you to quickly start the project without standing around and get into the rhythm.

3. ClearEQ Guitar. A guitar amplifier with analog processing, distortion guitar, and Bass. This guitar amp distortion guitar, analog electric guitar. A high-quality, can be easily used in various applications.

4. GuitarLS Pro digital Synthesizer. Advanced guitar synth digital console that uses real guitar amplifier. GuitarLS consists of two parts: analog amp sound, distortion and Bass. A guitar amplifier and advanced guitar synth digital. Guitar synthesizer with digital modeling and analog signal processing, the product has an excellent response rate, can easily implement guitar simulation, a series of vivid effects, inspired sound, and the analog simulation.

5. Technology Pro-Power Amplifier. Independent power amplifier. Play guitar all day is nothing for technology-based amplifier, guitar amplifier power, with Gigabyte’s independent Power Amp Amp series of advanced amplification. Gigs’ Technology amplifiers vary in power, from 50 watts to 165 watts of output power, with sound quality and efficiency to match.

6. Astro-Tron Guitar. Vintage Guitar. The 50 watt distortion/synthesis guitar. Wide dynamic range and fast filter. It’s an old school instrument guitar, in fact, the distorted jangle guitar is directly ripped off from the Orange amplifier distortion in America.

7. Super Ears. GuitarPad. The delayed effect guitar. Bass Guitar. The guitar control, GuitarPad, is the guitar-related sound effect pedal, is the most advanced module. It features advanced delay function, different playing modes, and a high-quality, precise frequency response, and is suitable for music composition, video, film sound effects, and so on.

9. GreenTube Amp. Guitar Amp. Easily upgrade to gigabytes guitar amplifier power. With the GreenTube line series of 16W and 50W two-channel 20W and 100W guitar amplifiers, you can easily upgrade your guitar amplifier

System Requirements For Gallien Krueger Amplification:

At least 4GB of RAM
Windows 7 or higher
5.5GB available hard disk space
12.5GB available hard disk space (for the full game)
1.5 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card or equivalent
A disc drive
3.5mm audio jack
A broadband Internet connection
Internet connection recommended for multiplayer (with the minimum of 384kbps connection)
Additional information can be found at