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F2/ F3 by name or F3/F2 by date/extension/filename/directory. In TAB search mode.
Run in background (detects keyboard)
File renaming with simple use.
– Large script included.
– Tabs for easy rename, at bottom of every filename,
– All files/directories listed at bottom of the script for quick select.
– Tab selection change with keyboard and mouse.
– Help in the same window of script
– Full script support (File object, script object, Text object, Group object,…)
– Move object by keyboard and mouse
– Move object with mouse in window (or not)
– IntelliSense support (File object, script object, Text object, Group object)
– Auto complete script (text editor)
– Mouse move automatically to object (or not)
– Find object in files/folders by text (or by extension)
– Find object by text and date (or by extension)
– Search object by text (or by extension)
– Run script in multiple files/directories (separately or together)
– Automatic case change on rename: uppercase to lowercase, lowercase to uppercase.
– Unicode support
– Spanish, Italian, German and French translation
– Batch script (created by Phlox)
– Multiple languages supported, in 24 languages
– Double Windows shortcuts (to rename a double window)
– Disable and enable file rename (script/exe). (5 minutes between disabling or enabling and renaming).
– File or directory renaming for parallel work.
– Reverse renaming (filename.ext.txt to filename.ext.txt).
– Partial file name support, all characters (including spaces) is allowed.
– Fully Unicode support
– Explorer context menu support
– Undo/redo (file rename/move) support
– Exclude/include files/folders (cannot rename this files/folders).
– Templates (create your own templates).
– Selection by rectangle on the screen (moved in any direction).
– Searching file/folder using search strings (in files/folders).
– Run directly a file, folder or script with parameters (eg. rename file1.ext to file1.ext2.txt)
– Renaming from directory to directory: run directory of renaming from directory 70238732e0

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SUM: Calculate the total, check total
AVERAGE: Calculate the average
COUNTA: Calculate the count
MIN: Calculate the minimum
MAX: Calculate the maximum
COUNTIFS: Calculate the count if a condition is met
VLookup: To get a value of a cell from another column of list, here is what the address is
IFERROR: If an error occurs, set this cell to the error value

This tutorial explains how to solve Excel’s common finance problems.
Here you will learn how to:
– how to create the example worksheet
– how to use the worksheet
– how to prepare the worksheet for testing
– how to create a loan calculator
– how to create a loan payment calculator
– how to build a comparison sheet
And many other useful Excel tips and tricks.
Need some help? Check out our tutorial videos about Excel

A handy tool for tracking your employees’ daily work or time spent on the project.
Allows you to print report and see trends for each individual user, project and the whole team.
– Each user has their own chart with a column to show the number of hours spent on the project.
– The project column is colored depending on whether the user has worked on the project.
– If you highlight one row of the chart, you can see the info and tasks on the details view.
– Also, you can open a project from the details view and change the data.
– All data can be exported to a csv file.
You can use the project tracker for:
– checking the time spent by each employee
– tracking the project progress
– managing the time spent on the project
– and many other ideas.

This template can help you organize all the calculations you need to perform in Excel.
It is perfect for both using Excel to create and maintain all kinds of business and personal calculations, or creating spreadsheet templates for others to use.
Template structure:
– Template tab
– 1. A different colored button for a different calculation
– 2. A blank spot for starting a new calculation
– 3. An excel calculation function
– 4. A calculation field
– 5. A spreadsheet ready
– 6. A monthly calculator with a different color for each month
– 7. A link to a comparison chart
– 8. A link to the Excel home page
– 9. Link to a tutorial video