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As its name suggests, Firewall Context Menu is a lightweight and useful, little application that provides users with a quick way to either allow or block various executable files’ network access with no more than a few mouse clicks.
What makes this app noteworthy is the way it smoothly integrates with the Windows contextual menu. All users have to do is right-click any executable file, and choose one of the three available options such as “Allow in Windows Firewall,” “Block in Windows Firewall,” and “Delete from Windows Firewall.”
With that in mind, it’s quite clear that Firewall Context Menu has a lot of good and practical uses. For example, the app might prove to be helpful for users who are looking to prevent potentially suspicious software from communicating to an unsecured server or source, or from blocking known apps from updating, just to name a few.
Easy to install, and just as easy to work with
The installation procedure is quite straightforward, as users only need to make sure that .NET Framework 4.0 or newer is installed on their computers. While the “Delete from Windows Firewall” option is the most straightforward one (as it deletes the existing firewall rule for the selected executable file), the first two have a bit more depth.
When choosing “Allow in Windows Firewall” or “Block in Windows Firewall,” users are instantly provided with a tiny dialog box that allows them to choose from five (or all five) options. Users can allow or block executable to private or public networks, as well as domains. Furthermore, users can also allow or block the direction, either incoming or outgoing.
Allow or block app network access with a few clicks
To conclude, Firewall Context Menu is not what one might call a generally appealing app since most users don’t really require this level of network access control. However, for the few that need a quick way to turn network access for various apps on or off quickly, this app is extremely useful and, most importantly, very easy to use.









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With Firewall Context Menu Crack Keygen, you can control the network access permissions for any executable file by right-clicking and choosing the required option from the context menu.

Locate executable files quickly:

Firewall Context Menu allows you to identify executable files you want to control their network access permissions.

Create a custom list of executable files:

By creating a list of executable files in the application, you can control their network access permissions more easily.

Select the network type:

Firewall Context Menu allows you to identify executable files you want to control their network access permissions. Select either the local network or the Internet.

The feature set is an app in itself.

You can choose from five options, among which four are the main ones: Allow, Block, Delete, and Delete from Windows Firewall. The fifth one is not that obvious – you might not be aware of this option, which is why I am mentioning it in this review.
The Delete option will delete any existing rules that have been set to that executable.
The only function that is missing from the app is a standard one – it doesn’t have an option to turn on, disable or whitelist network access for an executable.
The application is easy to use and straightforward in nature. You don’t need to add any rules to your Windows Firewall. All you have to do is select an executable file, and choose the option you would like. There are a few different methods available, as you can either choose from an existing list of executable files, or you can simply create a list yourself.
Firewall Context Menu’s functions are well suited to both novice and advanced users alike. The only thing to consider is the way the application supports mobile devices. If you intend to use the app on a mobile device, make sure you have the latest update.
To summarize, Firewall Context Menu is a well-designed application with good functions and solid security.
The app is easy to install and easy to use, and can be a good solution for people who need to control executable files’ network access permissions.

As a rule, a firewall app is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a firewall that can be enabled on any PC. This simple explanation helps to illustrate the fact that you don’t need to pay much attention to the type of firewall you’re using – they work in a similar way.
However, I’

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Use the familiar Windows context menu to quickly control all firewall rules for the selected files and folders. The application comes in three versions, with three different capabilities: the first is a light and simple firewall manager; the second version has the ability to let you manage Windows Firewall rules or create your own; the third one is a Windows Firewall manager with a menu containing the most commonly used options.
A smart firewall for all users
The main feature that makes Firewall Context Menu worth a try is its ability to present a small contextual menu on the Windows context menu of any executable file. While this makes the app a little more convenient and attractive, the main selling point is its ability to let users control all firewall rules for the selected executable files and folders in just a few clicks.
Firewall Context Menu is an interesting app that doesn’t seem to have any flaws, even if its functionality isn’t very extensive. However, for the few users that would appreciate something like this, the app is an excellent choice.
Offers the ability to block app access to specific destinations
The app’s main advantage is its ability to present a quick contextual menu on the Windows context menu for any executable files. From this menu, users can easily block app access to specific destinations, which can be either private or public networks, as well as specific domains. However, for users that aren’t keen on using the app or are looking for something more complete, there are other good alternatives.
Offers the ability to allow app access to specific destinations
Just as the app can block app access to specific destinations, it can also be used to allow such access. However, Firewall Context Menu also allows users to quickly set the policy in Windows Firewall for any executable files. Users can set the app to allow only incoming network access, while blocking both incoming and outgoing access. However, this option is also available for users that prefer a more dynamic approach.
Unlike other apps, this one doesn’t have any possible drawbacks. Users can also expect to find the app in the official Windows app store, where it can be easily downloaded for free.

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High quality, stable and cheap. I was looking for a good antivirus and a firewall and this one solved all my needs. Fast, high quality, and stable. This is the best antivirus and firewall and it will be my prefered program for my PC.

Rafael Garcia

09:48 09/01/2012

great app, great reviews.

Brian Jones

16:44 09/01/2012

The only thing that is lacking is the ability to open/close the firewall port as you can in other programs. You can’t simply click on the port number as you can in other programs. You can only click on the open/close button on the top of the window.

This review is for a previous version of the product. While the current version is excellent, the review is still relevant.Tag Archives: Mumbai

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