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File Audit is small software application designed with a single goal in mind: to keep an eye on the changes made to directories stored in your computer.
It sports a clean and simplistic interface that allows users to configure the dedicated parameters directly from the primary panel. Unfortunately, you cannot drag and drop the folders directly into the main window, so you should use the built-in browse button instead.
What’s more, you can apply file filters and make the application include subdirectories in the search process as well.
File Audit gives users the possibility of selecting the changes to be monitored by the application for the selected folder, namely file attributes, file name, directory name and security attributes.
All the changes tracked by the program are saved to a log and, before proceeding with the procedure, you are required to specify a saving directory. You can also make the program display the generated results in the main window and clear the entire list with just one click.
Furthermore, if you have added a large directory to the list and the task takes too long to finish, you can stop it.
During our testing we have noticed that File Audit carries out a job quickly and without errors throughout the entire process. Since it doesn’t bundle many configurable settings, even a less experienced user can get an idea of how this program works.
All in all, File Audit is a handy application that packs only a few features for helping you monitor the changes made to your directories. It’s easy to work with and doesn't slow down the system.







File Audit Crack + [2022]

1. Protect your valuable data.
2. Stay notified about the changes made to the directories stored in your computer.
3. Save all the changes in the log with one click.
4. Choose a program to run the log.
What’s New in File Audit:
New Features:
1. Added new options:
a) Enable notifications about the changes made to the selected folders.
b) Choose whether to run a default program or to save the log in a specified directory.
2. Improved user interface.
3. Added new option for saving the results with a single click.
4. Added new help section.
What’s New in File Audit 2.0.2:
1. Fixed an issue with the program’s stability.
2. Fixed an issue with the installer and uninstaller that prevented the registration of two instances of File Audit.
How to Install:
1. Drag and drop the downloaded file to the desktop.
2. Double-click on the file to start the installation.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
4. Launch the program.
How to uninstall:
1. Close the application.
2. Remove the downloaded file from the desktop.

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File Audit Crack Activation Code With Keygen Free Download

Monitor changes in directories

Perform a Quick search

Perform a complete search

Generate summary reports for changes

Keep an eye on file attributes

Manage accounts and passwords

Review changes in directories

Combine files and folders in a single operation

Preview the files in list mode

Perform a Quick search

To achieve the highest level of accuracy in your work and to better organize your documents, you can use a dedicated tool to quickly find and identify your files and folders. This software is aimed to offer the high performance monitoring you are expecting from it and to make the retrieval of your files easier.
It doesn’t provide you with a wide range of settings, so you can choose the specific search criteria from the drop-down list or start the search in the main window using a few buttons. The latter option lets you perform a complete search or only a quick search.
You can find all the changes tracked by the application for the selected folder in the list mode, so you should double-click on the selected item to open it, or select the folder name in the list to open it.
What’s more, File Auditor supports drag and drop file operations, so you can transfer files from one folder to another. Furthermore, it allows you to select folders and sub-folders on the list, thereby increasing the number of monitored folders.
Furthermore, you can specify filters that can be useful if you want the application to monitor only some properties of the files.
You can also make the application to display the changes in the main window, so that you can review the details of the changes together with the content of each item.
For the sake of convenience, File Audit puts all the file changes on the same pane, which means that all the folders and files included in the search will be displayed on the same pane. You can even add sub-directories to this list.
When performing a search operation, you can limit the search to specific file attributes including the date of modification, file size, and file name. This helps you search only for the files that have changed, without displaying any redundant data. You can also add file filters, which gives you an opportunity to select items that should be included in the search.
You are not required to include sub-directories in the search results, but you can easily turn to this option.
In addition, you can add a password to the account used by File Auditor to identify

File Audit With Serial Key

File Audit is a very simple, easy to use and very useful application that offers a great service to its users.

It is a very small application that is a part of the freeware ‘1-click-auditing’ software suite. The application performs the sole purpose of monitoring and logging the changes made to any folder and displaying the information on the screen. The application offers an intuitive user interface that is easy to use and does not have many unnecessary options or features. This makes the application relatively simple and easy to use.

The File Audit utility provides a number of features to its users, including the ability to log changes made to folders by their owner. For example, the application can automatically monitor changes in the file name, file type, file permissions, file attributes, directory name and security attributes. It can then save the information in a log file for future use. The program also offers the option of filtering the log content to exclude folders that users don’t want to monitor. For example, you could log changes made to certain files in a specific folder, but not to those in a particular folder. Users can also examine the log and display the information in the form of a graphical interface.

This program comes with a limited options panel to allow users to make the application display the information in a particular way. In addition to this, users can select how far back they want to check for changes in the log.

The File Audit utility can also be assigned to a specified task by the user. This could be as simple as monitoring changes made to a specific folder. The program comes with a convenient batch log file generator. This is a useful feature, because the program can automatically generate a log file containing information on all the changes made to folders by the users. This makes File Audit a great application for people who need to monitor changes made to folders on their computer.

File Audit License: Freeware

File Audit Size: 21.6 KB

File Audit Compatibility:

File Audit is compatible with all Windows operating systems. However, it does not support Linux or any other operating system.


it is easy to use and doesn’t have many unnecessary options or features

it can be assigned to a task by the user and show the changes tracked by the application in a graphical interface

it can be set up to monitor changes made to subdirectories as well

it offers an intuitive user interface

it comes with a convenient batch log generator

What’s New In?

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* Testimonial data provided by the vendor.

Summary of the test:

Clean, easy to use

File Audit does have a drawback, which may prevent some users from installing the application. Some system may not be able to adapt to the workload the software entails.

Overall, it proved to be efficient, as the program began to scan within seconds and saved the log in minutes.

File Audit is a neat tool to get an overview of the changes made to a folder’s security. Yet, it only scans for changes to file attributes.

The entire interface is very clean and uncomplicated.

File Audit is easy to use and it can be configured quickly.

Nevertheless, you can’t drag and drop the directories directly into the main window, which could cause some problems if the program takes a long time to finish the scan.

There isn’t any support for language file change, which the application might need in some cases.

There is also no option to select folder names to monitor changes for.

File Audit is not a powerful tool but since it has only a few features, it might be an efficient solution for many users.

File Audit would make a nice replacement for the built-in Windows Explorer changes option.

File Audit’s look is completely flat, which is unusual in such a modern program.

File Audit has a specific look and feel, which should be kept during all the customization of the settings.

Additional information

File Audit is a handy tool that enables you to analyze and monitor changes to a user’s directories. It sports a very friendly and simple interface that allows users to quickly and effectively configure the program.

The main window has a classic design and carries a primary panel with just few essential settings. You can choose the folders to be scanned by the program from within the primary window. The changes to these folders are displayed in the main window, allowing you to check the progress as the scan is in progress. Additionally, the application also works with subdirectories, including options to disable monitoring them.

The program supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems, but you should keep in mind that some system might have issues with the workload File Audit entails.

After the scan finishes, the results are saved in the log in the directory

System Requirements For File Audit:

Windows 7/8/10/8.1/10.0.1209
Memory: 512 MB
Display: 1024 x 768 Screen resolution
Hard Disk: 30 MB
Internet: Broadband connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound device
Keyboard and Mouse
DVD ROM/Blu-ray drive
Game Controller
Installation Instructions:
1. Unpack the archive and run the included installer.
2. Run the program and let it create the short cut to the