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The Ebony Jet News Widget provides news and information in a refreshing desktop widget from the content of the EbonyJet.com online magazine.







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Read the latest stories and features on EbonyJet.com’s most popular articles.
This widget is powered by the RSS 2.0 feature by RSS Widget Project.The Ebony Jet News Widget displays only the first 25 stories from the Lifestyle section.

As a member of the FIRE community, I wanted to write to you about the recent political ads you have been running on NPR. You say they are “not intentionally misleading,” but that is not true. You state that “we’re here to provide the facts.” That is, I presume, the same as the other side — but are we? After all, the facts are relative. And every fact has two sides.

Here’s what happened to me when the radio show was on the air: I got off work, tuned in and heard a straight-up attack on Sarah Palin. I thought I was listening to NPR. It’s one thing to report on facts — and then pull a story out of context. But I wanted more facts. So I called up the NPR number. I wanted the name of the person who wrote the piece. I asked for the name of her supervisor. I wanted to know the type of research she had done. I wanted to know if she called the other side. I wanted to know if she was a member of any political group. And I wanted to know a few other things.

I went to the NPR Web site and read all the reporting and analysis of the ads. I read a lot of material regarding the group’s history. I read material on bias, bias and how in-depth it really is to be a member of NPR. I listened to a couple of different shows to get a feel for the style and content of it. And, finally, I checked into it all on the NPR site and in-depth.

Had I not done all of this, I would not have known what the facts are. But when I did all of these things, I found that NPR is not a news service, but a left-wing political organization masquerading as one. I found your ads on NPR, rather than giving a balanced and fair view, were nothing but outright lies.

I should tell you a little bit more about me, as I want you to understand why I’m so incensed. I’m a life-long conservative. I earned a master’s degree in the

Ebony Jet Widget Crack+ Free [32|64bit]


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2. If we are not listed, you can add Ebony Jet to your search engine and check our full website under Online Magazines.
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4. Select the “Go to top” arrow on your browser, then click on the Go to EbonyJet.com link.
5. Click on the “Add to My Favorites”
6. Close your browser and open it again.
7. Right click on the shortcut you made of Ebony Jet on your desktop. Click on “Change Icon” and choose the Google Directions icon.

If you would like to download the Google Directions icons for Ebony Jet to make the widget yourself, please feel free to use the URL below.

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In the more than one year that we have been serving our Ebony Jet community and readers, the Jet has been in the Top Ten News Magazines every single month! Not one time have we missed the Top Ten, except we dropped to 10th in the September 2009 Magazine. You can still click here to view the complete ranking.

In my humble opinion, the Ebony Jet community is the best community I have ever worked with. They even came up with the idea to start this top ten list. And, you guys did the work. You ran our Ebony Jet List as the highest viewed and highest rated in the blog roll.

There is no way to thank you enough for your loyalty, your dedication, and your overwhelming support. It is appreciated!

I personally give you the thanks of any blogger on the Ebony Jet List. In the seven months that our Ebony Jet community has

Ebony Jet Widget Free Download

The Ebony Jet Widget will provide news and information in a refreshing desktop widget. This widget features articles and content from the nationally syndicated online magazine EbonyJet.com. This widget is a stand-alone application, no need to host it on your own webserver or ftp account. This is a single file widget that is recommended to be kept within your domain, and not stored on a cd or delivered via ftp. The EbonyJet widget is not designed to give your visitors the ability to add to your content (comments, status updates, etc.). For that you will need your own application which will be covered in a future article. For more information please contact us at sales@webdevelopersgroup.com.

This is a single file widget that is recommended to be kept within your domain, and not stored on a cd or delivered via ftp.

Ebony Jet Widget Features:
* Multi-Language Support – The Widget is currently translatable to the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Korean, Polish, and Turkish
* Multiple User Configuration
* Multiple Content Options
* Show The Time – The widget allows the user to show either the time or date in the widget if they desire. The default time shown is the current time for the user’s timezone
* Show Tempate – This will show the default text for the specified content type (article, news, etc) or user selection
* Show Comments
* Show Status Updates
* Show Location – The location can be either the city, state, or zipcode. The default is the users city
* Show Badge Icon – When the widget is displaying a specific article or news item the widget will display a badge icon which can be customized

Support Options:
* Payment is only accepted using PayPal. Don’t have a Paypal account? You can create one for free
* To promote your widget you are offered two options.
1. You can purchase advertising packages that can include your display name, description, and the Time widget on the EbonyJet.com website. We do not offer or support paid widget placement on your site.
2. If you would like to make a donation to the Web Developers Group, Inc for project support you can do so in return for our widget.

None. The widget does not require any special configuration on your server.

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This widget is designed to provide users with news items from the
EbonyJet.com magazine that are published on www.ebonyjet.com as well as
relevant links and other news items related to the ebonyJet.com website,
so users will be able to stay current with the latest news, articles, and
information about the EbonyJet.com online magazine.
Current available content:
– The All-Black/African American EbonyJet Online magazine is published
daily on the Web. Please click on the “EBONYJET HOME” link on the
home page to view the latest news, issues, trends, and information
about the EbonyJet.com online magazine.
– EbonyJet.com is linked to www.faad.com and www.communityfm.org – faad.com
is the trade group that represents the music industry in the US, and
communityfm.org is a social media platform that also happens to be
the internet radio station www.communityfm.org.
– The EbonyJet.com online magazine is linked to www.localandsouthafrica.com – localandsouthafrica.com is a news and information site about issues in Africa.
– The EbonyJet.com Online magazine is linked to www.ncaahistory.org – ncaahistory.org is an educational site about African history and culture.
– The EbonyJet.com online magazine is linked to www.blackculture.org –
blackculture.org is a site about African history and culture.
– The EbonyJet.com online magazine is linked to www.blackmediacenter.com – blackmediacenter.com is a site where black journalists publish the highest quality, most objective, analytical and provocative black stories on the internet.
– The EbonyJet.com online magazine is linked to www.blackbirdsmagazine.com – blackbirdsmagazine.com is a site about African American culture, music, and politics.
– The EbonyJet.com online magazine is linked to www.thepapermag.com –
thepapermag.com is a site about African American culture, music, and
Also, the EbonyJet.com online magazine is linked to www.facebook.com – facebook.com is a social networking service and website.
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– The

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