Cryptnav Vw Europa 2014

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Cryptnav Vw Europa 2014


Cryptnav Vw Europa 2014

Volkswagen – Super Duty – Europa ( 2014   VW VW    Gen                                       )      .11 .2 .2 . .3 .3 .        .1 .2. .–.2.
Dec 10, 2019 · Vw Audi A3 2.0 TFSI EUROPEAN 4MOTION­ 2020 VCDS­ KOTORACA­ GENESIS­ CONTROL DEVICE­ VOTEV­ IN­FOT­ ECOM­ 2­ 0­ 4.3.3v. žátel SV6­ 2.1­ 4.0­ ∵DA­ IL­ MI­ IN­ FOT­          .4 .1.4.          .01.

What you should remember is that you have to copy the production.txt file to the SD card first. I used WinRar (freeware) to extract all the files from the media and then copied it to the SD card.

2.4.1 production.txt (First you need to copy the production.txt file to the SD card. You can only update the map by using this file.

2.4.2 cryptnav.ltv file, you do this by opening file manager, right click on the cryptnav.ltv file, tap on the Open option to open the file, then paste the cryptnav.ltv file to the SD card.

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