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Concealer X64 [Latest 2022]

When you start Concealer Crack you’ll be prompted for the decoy file. This will prevent any accidental damage if files are accidentally deleted. You can even attach one yourself, which is stored in the ‘Concealer Crack Keygen’folder.
You also need to provide a decoy file for each protected file. The names are up to you – by default they will be decoy-. Unfortunately you cannot rename your protected files and so you have to create any name you want.
Concealer will apply two-step file protection. During the first step the encrypted version of the protected file is moved into the decoy file. After that the decoy file is deleted.
To restore the original file, you’ll have to use the appropriate tools, or click on the ‘Restore’ button.

Download from
Go to Concealer application installation folder and find Concealer.exe file.
Run the ‘install’ executable, which will download and install the Concealer.
Start Concealer and choose decoy file (if provided), or click on the ‘Create’ button to create new decoy file.
Enter the filenames you want to protect and the folder where they are located.
Click ‘Encrypt’ to generate a AES password and encrypt the files.
Start ‘Restore’, which will copy back the encrypted version of the files.
Start ‘Concealer’ and choose the decoy file (if provided) or click on the ‘Create’ button to create a new one.

With Concealer:

You can choose to encrypt specific folders, or the whole disk.
You can specify the folder where the decoy file is going to be created.
You can change the decoy file name, password, and other characteristics of the file.
You can also hide files without a decoy file.


The idea behind the decoy file is that if you accidentally delete or move the original data, you’ll have nothing of it left. When you restart the computer and try to open the file, the decoy file will appear and you’ll be presented with a choice: either decrypt the file (and restore your data), or leave the file inaccessible.


This software is free, and distributed as is without any warranty.

This software is provided ‘as-is’.

Concealer Crack [Win/Mac]
• Hide & Unhide
• Copies and Moves
• Encrypt and Decrypt
• Protects with Password
• Show & Hide files from windows & Linux Explorer.
• Hide & Show files via command-line
• Create a schedule and protect specific files/folders
• Hide files as Batch-process
• Uses a wide variety of encryption methods
• Automatic encryption of files when moved or copied into the decoy folder.
• Allows you to password protect the encryped data.
• Stores the password in a text file to be unlocked by command-line, so you can use the program on a Windows computer and use your password to decrypt the encrypted files on a Linux computer.
• Option to share your files encrypted and password protected to either Windows or Linux computers.
• Provides a linux bash script that you can use to switch between unencrypted and encrypted versions of your folders.
• Encrypts files by AES and can use AES-256 or AES-512 cipher.
• Provides an optional file versioning system.
• Supports the latest Windows 10 and Linux 2018.
• Compatible with Windows and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) based OSes.
• Can hide files from Windows Explorer and Linux file managers.
• Can password protect the decoy files.
• Create a schedule for protecting files and folders.
• Supports Min/Max size for the decoy files.
• Allow you to password protect the encrypted data.
• Supports the Linux bash script to toggle between unencrypted and encrypted folder versions.
• Supports options to check for latest version and autoupdate.
• Provides an option to share the decoy/encrypted folder with others.
• Possibility to import/export data in various text formats.
• Can use the program to encrypt/decrypt multiple files at once.
• Includes an option to use a powerful and slow memory-hard ‘modified’ cipher.
• The program includes 3 default encryption methods:
: • AES (Symmetric Algorithm)
: • DES (Asymmetric Algorithm)
: • GPG (Asymmetric Algorithm)
• Allows the use of a potent memory-hard cipher, eg. ‘modified’.
• Provides many encryption settings, such as length and more.

Concealer Crack + Free License Key

Concealer allows data hiding into any type of file, including TXT, HTML, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and ZIP file formats. It is extremely easy to use. Data can be hidden up to 8 bytes (64KB) into any file without damaging the file’s structure or functionality. Concealer can conceal into any number of files with just one click. It has a special ‘Hide selected files’ function.
After concealing the data into any file, we can open that file with perfect functionality without affecting Concealer. No extra software required.
Concealer Features:
– Conceal any data up to 128 bytes (16KB) into any file (in any format)
– Hides the data in an encrypted form
– Decoy file remains functional
– Erase and hide files is really easy with just one click
– In-depth documentation and support
– Convenience and security
– Multiple file support, one click
– Security functions
– Password protection
– Extends the number of files you can make a decoy of
– Easy to use and to use
– Works on all versions of MS Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8), all platforms (macOS, Linux, and Windows).
– Works on any file encryption (AES, 3DES, RSA)
– Uses the same (4, 8 or 16 bytes) as your file decryption key.
– Supports multiple files in one decoy
– Works in folder
– Works for all types of files, including TXT, HTML, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and ZIP file formats
– Has a special ‘Hide selected files’ function
– Shows one hidden file at a time
– Hide files can be restored
– No additional software required
– No limit to the number of files you can hide
– Concealer supports PDF, DOC and TXT files
– Concealer can erase files, too
– Advanced look and feel
– Works in the background – no extra user interface is required
– Safe to use with protected files (in the same folder, for example a password protected ZIP file)
– A double password protection
– Use your own password for decryption, and another for secrecy
– Hides up to 128 bytes (16KB) into any file
– Password protection for security
– Hide function can show/hide files
– See all files on the computer

What’s New In?

Concealer is the ultimate file protection tool. You can protect any file and any folder with the Concealer. The Concealer hides the original file into a decoy file with a new name. It creates an overlay of the two files without affecting the original file. It’s like creating a stand-in for the original file, a decoy file.
To protect an existing file you just double-click it and select a decoy file from the result list. You can also choose a folder to protect. All you need is a normal file explorer (at least Microsoft Explorer) and the Concealer.
Besides all the features explained above a special characteristic is the way in which the decoy file is handled. It’s not a simple hidden file, but rather a decoy file. A decoy file is even allowed to be opened by your system.
When a concealed file is opened a small overlay is shown over the original file. You can easily open this file since it doesn’t require any additional manipulation (like a magic trick) to be revealed.
Besides the decoy file protection Concealer provides:
– Checksum
-… and other features

The folder has been encrypted. Your original folders are not decrypted so the data is still safe.
Reduce disk space usage:
Data is split into several smaller chunks for speed and reduction of disk usage. Decrypting and encrypting a larger file consumes more resources, so it’s a good idea to encrypt small files.
Encryption algorithms:
– AES (symmetric)
– Triple DES
– Blowfish
– RC2
– RC4
– Camellia

Release Notes

18 Apr 2011:
– Windows 7: fixed Macros not creating the decoy file
– Windows 8: fixed Safe / Source passwords
– Windows 7 and Windows 8: improved decoy name checking
– Mac OS X: removed unsupported decoy file suffixes
– Mac OS X: fixed the checked decoy files in the new version of the application
– Mac OS X: Windows protection support
– Renamed Windows 7 installer to concealer.exe
– fixed: “start, install and pack” bug
– fixed: The application does not display an error message when the correct decoy file is not found
– fixed: data is encrypted as one of the first steps. This ensures the data is cryptographically secure.
– added: iOS support

System Requirements For Concealer:

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