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Working with source code can imply thousands of individual lines that can't include errors, however, browsing that much information can be difficult and time consuming. Code Browser Portable is an application that allows users to organize code files into a hierarchical structure that makes it easier to navigate and work with.
A clean and simple interface to use, with easy access to all of the menus and tools
A code browser can be a complicated and difficult application to use at times, the program has managed to avoid that problem with a very efficient design. The interface is not held back by an overwhelming number of icons or buttons on display, but rather a simple toolbar with well constructed menus. Every option that is needed, including the ability to make new tabs or side bars or dividing the main window, it is all accessible.
The simple and straight forward design makes the main feature of the application clear, users can organize code to make it more accessible. The application automatically structures it with a series of expandable areas, making it far easier to go through large amounts of text. Each area can be expanded with a click, to be studied and looked at, then checked for errors. With multiple display options to change the way it is presented.
A wide array of features and tools to help users navigate large amounts of code and text
The application operates mainly by folding groups of lines into sections, making them easy to hide or expand depending on the user's needs. Users can then create links to navigate between different areas or  files and connect different sections together. Since the application can handle multiple files loaded simultaneously, different files can also be linked together, or a section of a file pulled into a new tab. This process means that sections and files can be edited or browsed independently from one another, yet linked together via the application.
A multitude of different display and viewing tools are available, users can choose to display the various file sections in a tree browser view, with either a horizontal or vertical approach. Still, only viewing tools would be a bit too limiting and the application allows key words or specific parts to be searched for and replaced automatically, giving the user the ability to automatically correct mistakes on a large scale.
A useful application that presents an easy-to use system, with a number of helpful tools
To conclude, the application is a useful tool, while its editing abilities are limited, it allows users to restructure a code file to make it more efficient. The folding text into a section function is very useful and, for users with large amounts of code to handle, the application is a useful, free tool. All in all, Code Browser Portable is a great addition to any coder’s toolkit.


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This software is used for reading and editing the source code from the files. It has a built-in advanced text editor and a split screen function that allows you to look at one part of the program at the same time. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows + + to open and close the file and to switch between the source code and the file editor. If you want to open a specific file, type its name in the address bar. To move the cursor through the text, press the “Home” or “End” keys, or use the navigation bar and keyboard shortcuts. To switch between two open files, use the “File” menu. To save the file, use the “Save” menu. To edit an existing file, use the “Edit” menu.

A few notes:

– This program is a free software and has no time limits.

– It is not a crack version of the program.

– This program is provided as is and without any warranties.

– If you are going to use this program with the text editor, you must have a text editor installed in your computer.

– Code Browser Portable is a cross-platform software. If your computer is compatible with this program, it will be automatically installed. If you want to use this program on a different computer, just move the program file (code_browser_portable_xyz.exe) to the corresponding folder on your computer.

– This program is free to use. We do not collect any personal data.

– The application is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

– You can use this program to edit and read code for all languages ​​that the program supports, including:

– C, C++

– C#, Java

– Common Lisp

– D

– Delphi

– Erlang

– Fortran



– Lua

– JavaScript

– Objective C

– Pascal


– Perl

– Python

– Rexx

– Ruby

– Rust


– Tcl

– VB, Visual Basic



– Yet Another Markup Language








– Unicode

Code Browser Portable Crack + Free

KeyMacro is an application that can search through multiple files for key words, when the user types in a specific word it will match and replace that text to make it into a link. This is great for automating repetitive tasks such as search and replace, or for getting feedback on code without opening up a specific file.
KeyMacro Main Window (left):
Displays the file name in the title bar and the location path in the status bar.
File Selection Window (right):
Opens the selection window, allowing the user to choose a file from a set of files.
Text File Selection Window (center):
This allows the user to select a text file from their directory, to edit it.
File Options Window (top right):
The File Options window allows the user to select a specific view for the main window, and the folder of the file. The top bar of the window contains file information such as file length, etc.
Configuration.txt: Contains all of the configuration options for the application.
Keymacro.vbs: Contains the main code, which is the same for all functions
KEYMACRO Main.html: The main window for the application
KEYMACRO Examples:
Using KeyMacro to find and replace specific text:
KeyMacro.exe ^\def\server ^\def\port ^\def\age ^\def
ame ^\def\age ^\def\location ^\def\server ^\def\input ^\def\location ^\def\input ^\key^\def\age ^\key^\def\age
Using KeyMacro to search for key words in multiple files at once:
\deftext{This text is not interesting to the example};
\defkey{and this is a key word};
\defother{and this text is interesting to the example};
KeyMacro.exe ^\key^\other ^

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Take your work to the next level with the powerful coding utility Code Browser Portable. Code Browser Portable is a powerful and user friendly application that allows you to view large coding documents that include programming code, source code and XML files. Code Browser Portable is a utility that makes coding documents easier to work with. You can organize the coding documents into folders so that you can more easily read them, modify them, and improve them. This utility also includes an inbuilt code formatting tool which allows you to quickly format the coding documents. You can even create new tabs and side bars to make the coding documents display in a new way.Code Browser Portable features a simple and user friendly interface that allows you to easily use all the menus and tools in the program. Simply drag and drop your coding documents from the main window into the different folders that you have created. Once you have created the folders you can organize the documents inside of them as you see fit. The program also allows you to drag and drop any files from your computer and into the folder, including those in the coding documents. Code Browser Portable automatically organizes all of the documents and files into a hierarchical structure that makes it easy to navigate and work with. The application is very fast, allowing you to load up to 100 coding documents at once. When you have finished browsing the files you can export them to a variety of different file formats including.txt,.html,.xml, and.wip files.







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iCodeEditor is a simple and easy to use application designed to give users the ability to view and edit code in a number of different coding languages. The application is very easy to use and comes with an interactive interface. The program allows users to open multiple files at once, which makes it easy to edit different coding documents. Users can also take advantage of the application’s editor to quickly modify the code. The application is a great tool for developers, as it allows them to code documents in many different languages. The ability to view and edit coding documents in different languages makes the application a useful application for developers in any number of programming languages.


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System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista or XP (32bit or 64bit)
Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista or XP (32bit or 64bit) RAM: 3GB
30GB GPU: DirectX 11 Compatible GPU w/ 1GB VRAM
DirectX 11 Compatible GPU w/ 1GB VRAM Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 @ 3.1GHz / AMD Phen