ClipGet Activation PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

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Assembling movies requires you to make use of various tools to enhance or trim clips so that the end result is polished. Depending on the requirements, you might also need to get ahold of videos from the Internet. Luckily, specialized applications like ClipGet make sure you are able to accomplish just that.
Fast, lightweight and easy to use
The only thing you need to worry about when installing the application is your Internet connection. Taking up roughly about 10 Mb of space on your hard disk drive and taking little of your system's resources, you need only make room for videos to come.
From the moment you copy the web page address that contains your desired video until you hit the “Go” button, you need only press a few mouse clicks. The user friendly interface makes sure you concentrate more on finding the right content rather that spend time adjusting settings in the main window.
Set a destination folder and start downloading
A list of supported media sites is available so you get a glimpse where search should be conducted. There are four steps you need to follow before enjoying the result.
A field requires you to insert the URL from one of the websites provided by the list. Furthermore, several presets let you choose the output format. The list covers some of the most commonly used formats, including MP3, but a larger variety would have come in handy.
Amongst the last steps, depending on your previous choice, a drop-down menu lets you select quality. Last but not least, a destination directory needs to be set for the downloaded files to be stored in.
To end with
All in all, ClipGet is a neat solution if you quickly need to get ahold of a video from the Internet. It's oriented towards personal use, due to the lack of advanced features. However, it gets the job done flawlessly and available formats make sure result is compatible with nearly any project your downloaded videos might be used in.







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Universal video downloader with support for the most popular video formats from YouTube and other websites.

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ClipGet (formerly ClipGrab) is an intuitive and highly-configurable software that allows you to download YouTube videos right to your hard disk.
It uses spiders to constantly monitor the YouTube video sharing site for new video clips you would like to download. After that, it creates a list of available videos and presents them to you in a nice and easy to use graphical interface.
Once you find a suitable clip, select the download mode and you’re all set. The download can be paused or resumed at any time if required. Moreover, you can easily pause or even reverse downloads if you wish. Moreover, you can specify the user agent of the browser you’re using, so that your download is covered by the right set of terms and conditions and YouTube treats you accordingly.
For each download, your destination folder is also pre-configured and a private key is generated automatically, to generate a HashValue for each download (to avoid problems with big files).
With the key, you can use a simple batch processing tool to bulk upload videos to your favorite video sharing sites, like Vimeo, Dailymotion and many others, if that’s something you wish to do.
Batch Process Mode of ClipGet:
ClipGrab is ideal for people with a number of short web videos that they wish to put together for sharing.
To make them easy to create, you can copy entire web pages and paste them into a clipboard, within a second (comparable to copy & paste in Windows).
ClipGrab’s interface is highly configurable, with a wide variety of options.
Advanced options include pre-set lists of keywords to be used in search queries, tag for synchronization with video sharing sites, YouTube settings and an option for anonymous web browsing.
As you browse YouTube, you’ll see a list of web pages available to download, with thumbnail previews. You can download any of these videos, at your leisure.
ClipGrab can download both YouTube and the more recently released Vine Videos. Note: ‘Vine’ is the brand of one of the many apps created by the people behind Apple’s popular ‘iMovie’ editing software.
Automatic download & Upload to video sharing sites.
Flexible key generation: hash and key.
Configurable download limit.
Configurable hash generation.
Support for the following video sharing sites: YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion and Photobucket.
Support for an FTP client.
System Requirements:
Windows XP

ClipGet Activator

ClipGet is the video downloader and converter that can help you download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other websites where streaming videos are available. It allows you to convert them to popular audio and video formats.

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What’s New In ClipGet?

ClipGet is a great music player for Linux. ClipGet is very simple and easy to use. It is designed for quick clips in MP3 format, but it can play all audio files. You can add up to 50 songs to the collection and everything you download will be added to the collection. You can then play them in the background while you work or play a game.
*Play all audio clips in MP3 format
*Add and play music tracks
*Play in the background
*Transcode MP3s to a different format
*Save and export tracks
*Support themes
*Configurable database
*Network music browser
[X] Play Audio Tracks
*Copy Audio Clip
*Set Folder
*Back button
*Drag and drop
*Album Art
[X] Add Audio Clips
[X] View Song Info
*Set Format
*Adjust Volume
*Search by artist
*Filter tracks
*Add to playlist
[X] Play Cursor
*Play Cover Art
*Play Next Track
*Play Previous Track
*Set Position
*Skip Track
[X] Transcode
*Set Output Format
*Set Export Format
*Set Themed
*Set Description
*Move Up
*Move Down
*Add to playlist
*Clear playlist
*Clear history
*Clear playlists
*Sorted By
*Archive Music
*Set Folder
*Sort By Artist
*Sort By Date
*Sort By File Name
*Sort By Length
*Sort By Location
*Sort By Title
*Sort By Track Number
*Pick New Data
*Clear All Media
*Copy Selection
*Add to Media List
*Create Playlist
*Export Media
*Edit Media
*Clear History
*Add to Media Library
*Add to Media List
*Clear Playlist
*Move Up
*Move Down
*Clear Playlist
*Change Name
*Copy to Clipboard
*Select All Files
*Select All Tracks

System Requirements For ClipGet:

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