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Caps-notification is a plugin for Pidgin / Finch that will flash your keyboard LEDs when you receive a Chat / IM message.
You can choose the keyboard leds to flash, the flash rate or the flash trigger by accessing the application’s configuration.







Caps-notification Crack + Download [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

Its purpose is to provide a simple and easily configurable way to show a warning, as a notification, when you’re receiving a message. It was mainly designed to warn you when someone sends you a IM or when you receive a new message via chat. If you use a modded keyboard, Caps-notification Serial Key can show the message in whatever letters and/or symbols you have assigned to Caps Lock.

Feature list:

* Flashes the keyboard leds when you receive a new message. The LED triggers are customizable, choose the number of flashes you want (if you want to change the flash rate, just change the value), and the color you want to choose from the configuration.
* In the config menu you can assign any key on your keyboard to any of the messages that you want to appear under Caps-Lock.
* You can enable or disable the caps-flash by accessing the config menu.
* Under the caps-flash feature you can choose to flash even the “Caps Lock LED” or the “Shift LED”, so if you are using a modded keyboard, you can have caps-flash appear on the message received under Shift-Lock
* For faster config you can add a shortcut to access to the configuration menu via hotkey.

Caps-notification How To:
– To have caps-notification work, first make sure you have the Pidgin GTK2 Addon installed. The Package is in the repository already.
– In Pidgin go to Tools > Options > Plugins > Caps-notification
– The configuration of caps-notification is not very configurable, so you can either use the default configuration or edit the configuration file.
– To edit the configuration file open it with a text editor (example: gedit /home/matthew/.caps-notificationrc
– In caps-notification you have a configuration menu accessed via the caps-flash key, so the default configuration will allow you to do all the customization you need to do.
– If you are not satisfied with the configuration just close caps-notification and restart it from Pidgin.

* If you set more than one color to flash, the colors will flash in the order you set them.
* If you want the “shift LED” to be triggered, just assign it the “Caps Lock LED” key.
* Due to the fact that a message might be under certain conditions appearing under another key (chat

Caps-notification Crack Keygen Free (Updated 2022)

A plugin for the Pidgin / Finch instant messenger application for Linux.
What is Caps-notification:
Caps-notification provides you the ability to manage your Caps-notification configuration with a friendly front-end.
Caps-notification works on Ubuntu 14.04+, using the Pidgin or Finch Instant Messenger app for Linux.
Possible Caps-notification uses:
Making your keyboard beep / flash when you receive a message from someone you chat with.
Wake up your computer by typing a message.
Please consider installing Caps-notification, if your Caps-notification stopped working. It is the plugin’s fault, not yours.
Supports Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and newer, using Pidgin or Finch as instant messenger.
Available to install in the Unity, GNOME or KDE desktop environment.
Supports Caps-lock LED out-of-the-box.
Turn Caps-notification off at any time to access normal configuration.
Backups of the configuration.
Configuration shows in the global menus.
Caps-notification is installed as a plugin for Pidgin and Finch.
Caps-notification is written in Python with PyGtk for GUI purposes.
Backups of the configuration.
Caps-notification is shipped under the GPL.
Caps-notification uses the Linux Beep Applet to work.
Wake up the computer by typing a message
Caps-notification works only for Pidgin and Finch under Ubuntu, but has no support for other instant messenger applications, not even Empathy.
You can activate Caps-notification in the Pidgin application itself using the “Plugins” menu, if you didn’t find it in the “Manage” menu on the second row down.
[+] [ – ]
New [Toggle] menu entry in the “Manage” menu on the second row down.
[ + ]
New [Toggle] menu entry in the “Plugins” menu.
[ + ] [ – ]
Saved settings have the higher priority.
A saved setting has higher priority then a configuration file, so that if you’ve got two saved settings, the last saved setting takes effect.
Run Caps-notification as the user, not the application.
In other words, execute the executable with –user on the command line.
[ T ]

Caps-notification Crack+ 2022 [New]

-notification is a plugin for Pidgin / Finch that will flash your keyboard LEDs when you receive a Chat / IM message.
How it works?
Cap-notification is a cross-platform application, therefore it needs the following requisites:
– Finch
– Pidgin
Caps-notification is in beta testing and stable version will be released when all aspects of it have been checked.
To make it work you need to do:
-Install caps-notification icon
-Install caps-notification launch process
For that, you need to extract the plugin archive.
Extract it with:
-Windows: WinRAR
-Linux: File-roller
-OSX: unzip
Once installed (in Windows, for instance), go to Pidgin plugin directory and execute
Then you need to access the Caps-notification application options.
To do that, click on the Caps-notification icon, the Caps-notification icon that should appear inside the application bar.
Here you can configure the Caps-notification settings:
-Select the preferences icon
-Select the left top corner Icon
-Select the Caps-notification configuration
-Select the Caps-notification system tray preferences
-Select the Caps-notification shortcut icon
-Select the Caps-notification icons config
Once you’re done with the configuration, press the Start button and you’re ready to receive your messages.
It all works pretty well, but I have some issues with it.
Currently there is no way to define the LED pattern, and also to have just 1 message in the LED pattern, because Caps-notification iterate all messages, and this takes a lot of battery.
There are also some issues with configuration of the Caps-notification icon, because it is always started maximized.
An other issue is that the Caps-notification icon is 64px in height, and it should be 16px.
Also there are a number of compatibility issues with some distributions and desktop environments (like Gnome, KDE, XFCE…).
If you feel that an error is a bug of Caps-notification, please describe it.
If you feel that some settings is not very configurable or convenient for you, please report it.
If you would like to contribute please see the HOWTO section in the Caps-notification web site

What’s New in the?

Caps-notification is an

Click on the image to install it!
Installation Instructions:

System Requirements:

An iMac with at least a 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Quad processor and OS X 10.5.6 or later
7 GB of free hard disk space
Sufficient graphics card power with DirectX 9.0c compatibility for first person shooter game play
USB 2.0 or FireWire 800 (not USB 1.0)
Multi-thread processor support (especially if you’re using iClone, iClone Pro or iClone 5)
7200 RPM