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If you like taking strolls and admire nature’s beauty whenever you want to relax or disconnect after a day of hard work, then you will also like Butterflies of Germany Theme as it includes twenty high-quality photos of colorful insects.
You can install the theme on your PC only if it runs Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, and double-clicking the installer file will automatically replace your desktop wallpaper with a custom one. The taskbar and windows color will also be adjusted to match the theme’s images.
The pictures included in the theme are in fact shots captured by photographer Thomas Freiberg and they are closeups of beautiful and delicate butterflies.
You can either admire their tiny frame and delicate wings, or you can even learn the scientific names of each one so you can impress your friends. More precisely, the theme includes images of Gonepteryx rhamni (typically known as Common Brimstone), Lycaena phlaeas (Common Copper), Plebejus argus (Silver-studded Blue), Polygonia c-album (Comma), Hyponephele lycaon (Dusky Meadow Brown) and many others more.
Due to Butterflies of Germany Theme, you will also be able to observe their wings’ colors and the way they are adapted to their environment, as most of the times these colors serve as a camouflage from their enemies.
These insects are typically found in the woods and fields of Germany, so the other way of admiring them is to actually travel to those areas while on holiday, as it might take some time until you can find them all.
All in all, Butterflies of Germany Theme can help you not only relax due to its attractive colors, but it can also help you improve your biology skills so you can later show off to your friends and family.









Butterflies Of Germany Theme Product Key Full Free Download

This is a collection of 120 mesmerizing butterfly images. Most of them were taken in the woods and fields of Germany.
Many people who visit Germany are surprised by the variety of butterflies there. The country’s temperate climate, numerous lakes, semi-circular mountains and forests are perfect conditions for so many beautiful tropical butterflies, which are mostly found in the western half of Germany.
For example the Common Brimstone butterfly (Gonepteryx rhamni) is a Common Brimstone butterfly. This is a member of the family Lycaenidae, the same family as the Blues, Whites, and Violets (Strays).
They are generally warm-colored, with the females generally being darker than the males. Common Brimstone butterflies are found in most of Europe. They live on flowers, feeding on nectar. There are only a few species of butterfly in Germany, as the country is nestled near the Alps.
Learn more about them here and enjoy the images!
System Requirements:
– You must use a 64-bit version of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 (Windows RT users can’t use this theme)
– The theme is optimized for 1024×768 resolution only
– Windows Media Player and other media players must be disabled for the theme to install correctly
Instructions to get the theme working correctly:
1. Open a search engine such as Google and type “butterflies of germany”.
2. Click on the first result and open the file with your installed theme files.
3. Click on the Install button and follow the instructions.
Enjoy the theme! I hope you like it, and I wish you a lot of fun with it.

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Butterflies Of Germany Theme Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) Free

20 high-quality colored images of colorful butterflies from Germany. If you want to enjoy an enjoyable landscape vacation in Germany, this is one of the options you might want to choose.

The German landscape is so different from the rest of the world. Butterflies of Germany theme is a wallpaper you can use to familiarize yourself with Germany’s surroundings before traveling there.

Butterflies of Germany Theme Full Screenshot:

Butterflies of Germany Theme Features:

Comes with high quality photos of beautiful butterflies.

Integrated with the latest Windows 10 theme feature introduced in May 2016.

Easily customizable through Windows Settings.

The installation is a small size.

Not suitable for people who do not use Windows 10.

Butterflies of Germany Theme Screenshots:

Butterflies of Germany Theme Reviews:

Vanessa Luciano

Butterflies of Germany Theme is a landscape wallpaper in high definition and has 20 images of butterflies with colors.


Butterflies of Germany Theme is a beautiful wallpaper that can help you not only relax during the summer, but also improve your biology skills. It has 20 high definition landscape photos.

SF Tricks

Butterflies of Germany Theme is a simple wallpaper. It has 20 high definition images of beautiful butterflies.


Butterflies of Germany Theme is a desktop wallpaper that has 20 high definition images of butterflies. You can use this wallpaper as your desktop background.

Windows Latest

Butterflies of Germany Theme is a wallpaper that has 20 high definition images of butterflies.

MSD Windows Explorer

Butterflies of Germany Theme is a great wallpaper.

Butterflies of Germany Theme

Butterflies of Germany Theme is a beautiful wallpaper. You can use this wallpaper as your desktop background. You can also use it as your lock screen background.

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These are some really beautiful pictures. But it was more of the German landscape.

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By Anonymous

Nice, just right for me

By Anonymous

This is amazing. I love it.

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By Anonymous

Great, even after the Win10 update, thanks Windows.

By Anonymous


By Anonymous

On the pc:)

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What’s New in the Butterflies Of Germany Theme?

This image of butterflies was kindly provided to me by Thomas Freiberg and he kindly agreed to let me make some use of it for this wallpaper. These butterflies are all from Germany.
Do you enjoy beautiful nature, the countryside and the countryside in the season of a stroll in the country or in the woods?
Then I offer you Butterflies of Germany.
20 high-quality photos of colorful insects, and the colors are perfect for you to admire the wings of the butterflies.

The beautiful shell collection Dream Shell is a six-item package.
The images are downloaded automatically from the net, but the theme can have different downloads settings that you can change here.
All you have to do is double-click on the installer file to start the installation.
The installation will be easy, and the rest is left to you.
After installing the theme, you will see the default Dashboard replaced with a new one that includes more wallpapers in fewer categories, and in brighter colors.
The pictures included in this package are images of beautiful shells, which is a really nice choice for those of you who love to appreciate the final look and beauty of nature’s most precious gems.
The Dream Shell package includes images of The Lumina Amiantis (Chitons) and the Conus quadricolor (Mantis-cut Shell).
If you prefer using your home PC for different tasks, then the Dream Shell package is a great choice for you.
Those who require more speed will prefer using the package’s first download option, as it allows you to download the pictures’ most appealing photos as you need them.
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The package allows you to be able to download new images for your shell collection in just a few seconds and the app also includes a History section that keeps track of your previous downloads.
Dream Shell is available for Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, and you don’t need any advance knowledge to install it.
Dream Shell Theme Description:
This image of shells

System Requirements:

System requirements:
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit CPU: 2.6 GHz or better
2.6 GHz or better RAM: 6 GB (8 GB for Windows 10 Pro)
6 GB (8 GB for Windows 10 Pro) GPU: NVIDIA NVS 4200M / AMD Radeon R5 M430 / Intel HD Graphics 6000
NVIDIA NVS 4200M / AMD Radeon R5 M430 / Intel HD Graphics 6000 DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection