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KEYMACRO is a simple command line macro utility for Windows. KEYMACRO can convert a sequence of keystrokes to text. They can be used to create, run, and launch applications. You can even use it to record mouse, keyboard, and DirectX keystrokes, and more!
Automation of all types:
You can automate an infinite amount of processes using your keyboard by using KEYMACRO to record your keystrokes. You can even choose to re-record your keystrokes over and over until you are satisfied with the desired results.
Some of the advanced functions of KEYMACRO are:
-Create rich automation sequences, using custom macros.
-Create your own keyboard shortcuts using menu items and hotkeys.
-Save “bat” files and launch them on system startup.
-Run “runas” commands that take the place of a running program.
-Play/Pause the mouse or screen and launch a program/programs.
-Have keyboard/mouse trigger other keyboard/mouse macros.
-Have custom hotkeys run programs.
-Create “timed” macros to launch applications at different times.
-Launch the contents of a file, folder, or other text file.
-Create launcher scripts for documents, applications, and more.
-Can be triggered by an application, as well as a network share.
-Can be triggered by software that supports the API such as IFileOperation.
-Can be triggered by hardware buttons or other devices such as a USB camera.
-Can be triggered by any arbitrary application such as Notepad.
-Can trigger the windows’move to desktop’ command using Win32 SendKeys function.
-Copy text directly to the clipboard, which can be pasted into any application.
-Record your own custom macros.
-Record a hotkey and keystroke sequence at the same time.
-Edit the macros directly in the KEYMACRO window.
-Run custom commands directly in the system directory.
-Save macros to a text file.
-Save macros to a system registry location.
-Save macros to a text file.
-If you have the.NET Framework installed on your system, you can include the IDE in your macro and access any features of the IDE.
-Optionally, you can add a keyboard shortcut to a macro.
-Optionally, you can right-click and select a menu item.
-Optionally, you 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a powerful yet intuitive application, that helps you to manage the keyboard shortcuts for your applications.
KEYMACRO provides comprehensive shortcut feature for over 70 of the most popular applications available on your PC.
You can record and set up a series of keyboard commands by adding options to your menu or directly in the program options. Once a series of keyboard commands is set up, you can execute them when you press keys on your keyboard.
You can choose what keys to record the keyboard commands. You can save the keystrokes with a hotkey or simply press a key, and then press a hotkey to execute the command.
KEYMACRO automatically saves all keyboard commands in the profile. When you open a profile, you can then launch the applications that were last launched in that profile.
KEYMACRO is the perfect tool for creating keyboard shortcuts that will work for you.

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