Blasphemous Update V1.0.13

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Blasphemous Update V1.0.13



Blasphemous Update V1.0.13

Blasphemous is a punishing action-platformer that combines the fast-paced,.
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Rails: How to not log: “Found false/true/nil when truthy”

I want a controller to not log:
DEBUG – [#]

I know I could simply test if foo.baz is true, but since I’m changing the return value of the find_by call, I can’t.
How can I keep false positives from loggin? (Or false negatives if that makes more sense.)


You can add the following line of code to the Foo model
transaction do
self.class.log(:warning, “The property #{attribute} is either false or nil”)
[attribute] = false unless attribute

This way all attribute values are converted to true or false. If you want to be more explicit you can change the class’s log method as follows
def log(level, *args, &block)

if false
level == :warning and
*args is true and
block is not nil and
block.arity == 1 and
return yield(args.first)
args.each do |foo|
level == :warning and

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