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Evolution of computer technology made it possible to link various tools together to meet all your demands, regardless of your domain of activity. For instance, translation is an important activity when handling documents, and it’s the type of add-in like Anaphraseus which you might want to use for translation when using OpenOffice.
Set up glossary and Translation Memory
The application comes in a lightweight package, and installation is simply done by running the file. It’s not a stand-alone program, but rather a plugin which you need to integrate in OpenOffice, which needs to be installed on your computer before you can attempt to take this little utility for a spin.
Once installed, a new menu is added to your OpenOffice interface, as well as a toolbar you can even arrange as you see fit. It’s a good idea to access the configuration panel first of all in order to set up target and destination languages, but also the reference glossary. The application is compatible with Wordfast Translation Memory format, which comes as TXT.
Configure sources, and choose the right translation term
Configuring the Translation Memory offers several options. You can either select an existing file, save a new configuration, import TMX, but also use a built-in system like Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, Apertium, and Yandex Translate.
The glossary also needs to be configured, with options to recognize, and also create a new one. You can choose to connect to a dict server as well. The application supports fuzzy search, and you can use custom attributes, with the clipboard enabling, using built-in save and load dialogs, and more.
The dedicated menu offers several options for translation. This can be done for the entire document, or a selected string. Segments can be shrunk and expanded, sources inserted, with additional options to navigate through similar terms to find the best translation. Removing the plugin is simply done through the uninstall function in the menu.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Anaphraseus is a practical application which can enhance working with documents written in different languages. It seamlessly integrates with OpenOffice, allowing you to thoroughly customize your dictionary file and glossary.


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Download · DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Using Anaphraseus is a rapid solution for professional translation, as it enables you to cover multiple languages and domains. The application is compatible with XLS file format, with numerous translations supported. It comes with a rudimentary configuration panel, and some tools are missing, so the user might face some difficulties when working with their settings. There is no trial version available, so a certain degree of finesse is advisable.
Please note:
The author cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred from use of this information on your part. You alone are responsible for your actions, and so should you choose to take the plunge with this little application.

Download Anaphraseus 3.6.6 + Keygen is a handy software to handle OpenOffice documents with more ease. This powerful tool can fetch you each and every element of the document. Anaphraseus WordFast Translation Memory allows its user to translate and edit file of any format directly in word format. Anaphraseus is a multifunctional application that offers advanced features. It allows you to combine all your documents with one convenient interface. Moreover it has a rich and diverse feature to make your work more professional and agile. It can translate any text selected in the document, make changes or add new text in existing document.
Key Features:
Simple and easy to use interface
Easy to understand
Convenient format

Program to translate word files (source or destination) into pdf – Anaphraseus 3.6.6
The key concept of Anaphraseus is that of file formats. So you can not only translate, but also create files that are not compatible with other programs.
Anaphraseus 3.6.6 Keygen can handle any kind of application. Do not know how many languages you will need in the future? It is possible to add new translations and languages.
Anaphraseus 3.6.6 one of the easiest and best tools of its kind. Anaphraseus is translated in various languages. Among the most popular languages ​​are Latin, Italian, French, German, and Spanish. User simply select a template, select a destination folder, press a button, and enjoy the result. The application, as a rule, does not give feedback to the translator. But this is not a problem, the user will see the result in the folder. And it is suitable for anyone who does not have any technical skills in the translation of documents.
From the interface of Anaphraseus has

Anaphraseus Free License Key

The application can be downloaded from the developer’s page. It’s a small but practical translation plugin which can be a great addition to your OpenOffice toolbox.

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Get the right word in the right place with Anaphraseus. Install a simple plugin to your OpenOffice

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What’s New In?

At Anaphraseus, we believe that languages are the basis of any cultural heritage. The linguistic diversity promotes communication and it is our mission to give you the ability to work more efficiently and quickly. We help you find the perfect translation using our tried-and-tested translation memory technology or our dictionaries database.
Anaphraseus Key Features:
– Use our flash TMX format-based translation memory.
– Categorize translation terms.
– Import CSV TMX format files.
– Use our flash word dictionary formats.
– Use our website dictionary in OpenOffice.
– Manage your own terminology.
– Easy to navigate interface.
– Create your own dictionaries.
– Use fuzzy search in OpenOffice.
– Have a fluent and intuitive user experience.
– Works with all OpenOffice applications.

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