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Gepubliceerd: 29 mei 2022 (4 maanden geleden)

Version 1.6 is a major upgrade of the application.
There are several new features, both on the user interface and under the hood.
The application’s interface has been refined and is now even more user-friendly.
The application no longer hangs and crashes, it is now very stable.
All controls and states have been updated to match the current UI.

New features include:

Improved UI.

Smoother and more responsive UI.

New and improved sensors: Microphone, Motion, Light, Temperature, Humidity, Alarm, Air Pressure.

More controls and features in Options.

Symbols in the help screens.

New ‘Help’ menu.

Dynamic sensor detection.

Improved user experience.

A history of sensor changes and settings (IP address only).

An overhaul of the settings and options screens.

In the Settings, we have added toggles for default sensor values, auto-detect of sensor IP address, toggles for the default options and the ability to define a custom sensor start range (between 50 and 500hz).

New ability to see the current sensor values.

A ‘Silent mode’ and toggles for the on/off of the alarm and light settings.

Significantly improved controls for each sensor.

The application now looks much more professional.

The application now will auto-detect and display the user’s IP address.

All sensor controls are now colour coded.

The alarm is now controlled by toggles.

Labels for all settings, icons and counters.

Main Window


Main Window




History of sensor changes and settings (IP address only).

Interpreting the waveforms

There are a number of controls and options in Tolak Nyamuk.
All of them have default values, and the default values can be changed in the Settings menu.

Generating the sound

Tolak Nyamuk uses two powerful real-time algorithms for its sound generation.
There is a simple high-pass filter, with a sharp threshold setting.
This filter allows to generate a low frequency and a high frequency at the same time.

The application constantly calculates an auto-tuned range from 20kHz to 32kHz.
If you need to change it, you can change the range in Settings 70238732e0

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